Car Service – When Should You Go For a Car Service?


No matter how old your car is, to run smoothly, it needs a regular check-up from a professional service provider. A lot of cars give a warning sign or light when it’s time for you to get the regular servicing done. You need not worry about if such a reminder is generated, just consult your regular service provider.


Why Do You Need Regular Servicing?


It may seem like a financial burden to you but there are so many reasons why it is important to get regular servicing done.

1. Even if your car is working fine, there are still a few mechanical and electric complications happening now and then that are usually unnoticed. The technicians at your service centre make sure that everything is working fine and help your car retain its value.

2. Regular servicing helps in carrying out the regular health check of your car. This includes the condition of your brakes, tyres, suspension and many other crucial parts. The servicing will help you fix any issues before it gets too serious.

3. Several annoying noises and issues that are noticed can be resolved through regular servicing. It is easier to fix your car problems in the initial stage otherwise it can later cause a heavy dent in your pocket.

There are a lot of factors that determine the cost of your car’s servicing. It depends on whether you have booked a full or interim check-up, the service provider you have chosen for your vehicle and where in the UK you reside. Book an appointment with Acton Service Centre to get professional advice and the best price in town.

How Often Should You Go For Servicing?

As a car owner, you need to listen to what your car is indicating to you. Make sure you get it serviced annually or before it reaches the set mileage outlined by the manufacturer. Typically, it is 12000 miles but if your car starts creating noise, get it checked immediately. It is best to go through the car’s handbook as it may vary from model to model, engine or fuel type.

What Services Do You Get?


The services you will receive totally depends on what interval your car has reached. Generally, the first servicing for new cars involves oil and filter change. The second one includes changing and replacing parts with 2 years of lifespan. These parts include spark plugs, glow plugs and the brake fluid depending on whether it is a petrol car or a diesel car. The new ones get full service and if you own an older car or that don’t cover many miles, you can always look for a smaller service pack depending on your vehicle.

Without getting services done, your technician cannot point out any fault. Things like leaks, extensive wear or any damage need the service provider to get under your car and check thoroughly. Other conditions like brake pads suspension and brake discs too need to be checked for the betterment of your car.

If any issue is spotted, your technician will immediately inform you along with the expenses.

Simple Yet Effective Car Maintenance Tips

We know that regular car servicing is important but it still needs some maintenance from the owner’s side. Here are some things that you can do to increase the lifespan of your car.

1. Keep your windscreen washer bottle full- Make sure your windscreen is top-notch. You might be unaware of the fact that it’s illegal to not have fluid in your car’s screen washer bottle. It is important to keep it full to avoid any problems in future.

2. Check your tyres- Your car tyres need to have a certain level of air pressure. Anything less or more than that can damage your car’s tyres. This can also shorten the tyre’s lifespan.

3. Engine oil should be topped up- Keep your engine oil level between the maximum and minimum mark. Low and high levels of oil will end up damaging your car’s engine.

4. Charge up your battery- Usually, your car’s battery needs to be changed after every three years. However, a faulty or damaged battery is a very common cause of car breakdowns.

5. Check the horn- It is important to have a horn that’s loud enough. Make sure that your car’s horn is clear and audible. It is very important to warn other people on the road as well as pedestrians of any upcoming dangers.



What is service history?

The service history is the record of all the repair or maintenance work your car has gone through. It informs you exactly when and where the repair has taken place.

Why is service history important?

When buying a new car, a service history comes in handy. As a current owner, it is important for you to know what all things your car has gone through before you made the purchase. You can get your hands on better deals after looking at the entire service history.

How long can you go without servicing?

If it’s a new car, you can go without servicing for up to three years but for older ones, it is important to get regular servicing done.

What is the difference between a full-service and a major service?

Major service covers all the important services that your car receives. It is a complete overall check-up of the car. A full-service includes major services as well as in-depth checks, spark plugs, fuel filters, suspension and brake fluids.

Do you need a full-service every year?

To keep your car in the best shape, make sure to get it serviced every year. however, you need to be aware of the mileage milestone. You will get such information in your car manual.

The Bottom Line

It is always recommended to get the help of a service provider rather than servicing your car on your own. However, you can service your car only if you are confident enough and have thorough knowledge. Consult a professional if you face any difficulty or notice any annoying noises from your car to avoid any heavy damage in the future. Car servicing can get expensive if ignored at the initial stage.