5 WhatsApp Tips and Tricks you Probably Didn’t Know Existed

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There are dozens of extremely popular messaging applications, and we use them daily. Some of these platforms accommodate hundreds of thousands of people, while others are used all over the world, and preferred by millions. One of the most popular applications that people use for daily communication is WhatsApp. This platform currently has more than two billion active users all over the world, and it is said that this is the most popular one, surpassing even the famous Facebook messenger.

An interesting detail that you might want to know is that every day more than one hundred billion messages are sent through the platform, and it has been recorded that people spend almost 40 minutes each day using this platform alone. If you are one of the billions of users who prefer this platform over the rest on the market, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we are going to give you some tips and tricks for using this app that you probably didn’t know existed. Continue reading to learn some neat features, and to find out how you can additionally protect yourself from any unwanted messages.

Img source: pexels.com
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    You can easily find a phrase

The first thing we are going to talk about is long conversations. Most of us have chats that contain thousands of messages, and we can vaguely remember that we talked about a book or a TV show with our friends, but we cannot remember the name of it. Yes, we can ask the person again for the recommendation, but what if we need this info right away, and they are not online?

Well, you can easily search and find a phrase without having to scroll literally for hours. On every device, no matter if you are an Android or iOS user, you can just click the search bar or icon that’s located inside the specific chat and type down the phrase or word you are looking for. This will open a list of messages where you’ve used that word and you can easily find it.

  1. You can hide the read information

We are all guilty of this, checking the messages we’ve received and forgotten about replying. Sometimes we don’t feel like we want to send a message back, and sometimes we just forget about doing this. Leaving the other person on read is not a good thing to do, and you definitely don’t want them to know you’ve seen their text.

One thing we mostly do is read the text from our notification bar, but sometimes, the message can be too long, and we cannot see all of it. If you don’t want the sender to know that you’ve checked their text, you can easily take the blue ticks away. Just go to your settings menu, and locate your account. When you open it, you can see the privacy details and just turn off read receipts. Note that once you do this, you won’t be able to know when the other person has seen the messages you’ve sent.

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  1. You can add an additional layer of encryption

As we already know, WhatsApp is one of the safest and most encrypted platforms in the world. What this means is that this platform is pretty hard to breach, and no matter what you send or receive, chances are, hackers or any unwanted person will not be able to steal your data or anything that you’ve shared.

There are many different ways to ensure that your chats stay private, and one of the most popular ones is to select when your messages are going to get automatically deleted. In addition to this, you can easily remove all multimedia from a chat with just one click.

As you can see on websites like whatsapp-gb.blog.br, you can easily opt for getting a specific, upgraded version of the platform that allows you to utilize additional features not available in the traditional application.

  1. Last online

Most of us hate this feature, and we don’t want others to know if we are online currently, or if we’ve been away for hours and maybe even days. If you want to go incognito, and if you don’t want your contacts to know that you are currently online, you can easily turn this feature off with just a few simple clicks.

The only thing you need to do is go to your privacy settings, no matter the OS you are using, and click the Last Seen tab. Here you can choose if you want everyone to not be able to see when you are online or offline, or you can just hide this information from specific people in your contact list.

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  1. Location

The last thing we are going to talk about is one of probably the best and neatest features that this platform has. Not many people know about this, but you can easily share your current location with your contacts without having to spend hours explaining to them where you are.

This is a great feature since you can use it for whatever reason, including your protection. This is a relatively new option and it has already become one of the favorite ones of millions of users. The best thing about it is that you don’t have to be tech-savvy to use it.

Note that you must have your phone’s GPS on in order for this to work. For Android users, you only need to click on the attach bar and choose the location. Then just click send and your location will be sent to your contact. For iOS users, you only need to click on the plus button located on the left side of your chat and choose the location. That’s it. It’s extremely easy and everything is done automatically.

These are some of the neat features you probably didn’t know about, so utilize them in the best way you can. Note that if you choose to mute, hide, or block contacts, they are not going to get notified about what you’ve done, but if you choose to turn off your online status or read receipts, you also won’t be able to know if your contact read your message or if they are currently online. This app is full of surprises, so stay tuned for more neat features that should be added in the foreseeable future.