Video Ads: Discover All the Advantages

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What seems to get past most people is that video ads are arguably the most efficient way to market your company and your business nowadays. It is no longer the question of should you embark on a video advertising campaign – the question is, “How soon do I start”?

Just as a way of elucidating the power that video ads can bring to a company, according to Neil Patel , which ranks on Forbes’ Top 10 list of marketers, product or service videos can increase sales by up to 144%.

If even with the exorbitant number presented by an expert you are not convinced, we have listed below the main advantages provided by the video ads tool:

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  • Get more customers – Of all internet traffic used for browsing, 80% is used to watch videos, that is, if you want to win more customers than other digital marketing solutions, video ad is the best proposal;
  • Educate the market – The video represents a didactic solution, where everything can be demonstrated in a simple way and with easy assimilation, allowing you to educate your consumers about the solution for your products or services;
  • Increases the company’s brand awareness – Being present on the internet and especially on video increases the notoriety and authority of your brand, as customers unconsciously assimilate issues related to investing in audiovisual dissemination with a company of excellence;
  • Reinforce competitive differentials – Due to the didactics provided by the video, as well as the weak exposure to the competitor, the format makes any differential presented by your brand more evident, which represents a considerable weight in the decision-making power of potential customers;
  • It has simple solutions – It is common to believe that complex editing software is necessary to run an audiovisual campaign, however, there are simple solutions to create an advertisement such as using an admaker by InVideo, which has ready-made templates that allow generate content for advertising placement with few clicks.

In addition to the listed advantages, there are still a number of benefits that are specific to each case, but which, in a sum, increase the profitability of a company in all aspects.

It’s important to point out that it doesn’t take a lot of resources and investments to start video ads, usually a smartphone has a camera and microphone that are minimally competent to produce video content for ads.

That is, there is no lack of reasons to invest in video ads, where, among all the possibilities online, it is one that provides a more agile return, and there are no major obstacles to getting started, as in ad platforms there are possible campaigns with all investment values, with options for large conglomerates, mega companies and also for small entrepreneurs.

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Additional Advantages Of Video Ads

Now, let’s check out some additional advantages associated with video advertising.

Easy And Affordable Start-Up

Just as we’ve mentioned earlier, video ad creation does not require a lot of money or up-front investment. Most modern-day smartphones have cameras capable enough of filming a compelling video in broad daylight. You might need to spruce up for a microphone – but the video portion of the ad should be covered.

Everyone Consumes Video Content

According to various research conducted in the past few years, the chance of your target audience watching videos on a daily basis exceeds 90%. That piece of information alone should motivate you to invest in a video ads campaign.

And, if that’s not enough, according to some other research, almost a third of all ad-incentivized purchases came from video ads. Not photos, not ads in newspapers – video ads.

Taking Advantage Of The Smartphone Mania

We probably spend more time on our phone than we do doing anything else during our day – at least out of the things we could be doing. And, how do we spend most of that time? By scrolling through videos on Instagram, YouTube or TikTok.

Once again, tapping into that market can only bring forth great results. Not only will your ad be noticed, but if you create a great one, there’s a good chance of it going viral. And, you know what happens when a video goes viral, don’t you?

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It Tells A Better Story

Honestly, wouldn’t it be better if you could just watch the video on what we’re saying to you right now? Of course, it would be. If it didn’t – we wouldn’t turn books into movies. All jokes aside, the video tells a much better and much more compelling story than any other format, especially in marketing. There’s a reason why TV ads were, and still are, so popular.

Apart from telling a better and more compelling story, a video ad conveys a lot more information compared to the other formats. You can pack in a lot more in a one-minute video than you can in a one-minute read, audio ad, or even a photo. A video ad simply engages more of our senses because you can both see and hear the information at the same time.

Video Ads Convert Better

You don’t have to believe us, but the numbers don’t lie, and the numbers say that video ads convert a lot better than any other ad that you may run. And, to be fair, that’s to be expected considering how much search engines love video content.

The Results Are Easy To Track

Seeing how most video ads are run on social media – the analytics have never been easier to track. There’s no room for guessing here. You will have full insight into how well your ad has performed just by looking at the analytics, which will allow you to run an even more successful campaign next time.