7 Best Undetectable Lace Wig Ideas to Try In 2024

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You might want to change your hair color and style without damaging your natural locks, and if so, one of the best things you could opt for purchasing is an undetectable lace wig. These wigs are incredible, sleek, and they’ll definitely transform how you look and feel every day.

However, if you’ve never worn these wigs before, you might be wondering – what are some of the best styling ideas that I could try in 2024? Luckily if you have ever been wondering the same thing, the article below can help. Let’s take a closer look at the styles you could try during this year:


1. For The Classic Look: “The Part”

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One of the first – and simplest – styling ideas that you could try is called the “Part”. Why is it the simplest idea? Well, for starters, you won’t require any special tools or products besides a hairband and a comb that has a needle tip, and second, you won’t require any effort or a lot of time.

To make this look natural, you should place the wig on your head and ensure it’s fixed in the right spot. Next, you should take your comb, create a part, even it out with your hands, and then if you want to, you can use a bit of hair cream to make the wig smooth. You can choose to do it in the middle or on the left or right side.

2. For a Casual Look: “Half-Lifted, Half-Down”

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If you’re headed to a casual meeting with your partner or friends, you could opt for the half-lifted, half-down look. Although it might seem daunting, it’s quite simple to make this look and you should begin by slowly brushing the strands of your wig. Once you’re done, you should make a horizontal part between the back and front.

The one on the back should be left and by using a small band, you should tie the one at the front and let it fall towards the one you left at the back. Keep in mind, you could even choose to make this into a half-down, half-bun style, simply by rolling the parts you tied into two buns.

3. For a Formal Look: “The Classic Bun”

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If you’re heading to a formal event or to work, you should opt for making the classic bun. To make it, you should roll the tips of your undetectable wig into a tight bun and then use the accessory of your choice to hold it down in place. This look is suitable for formal events, however, you could wear it to the office as well.

Additionally, if you don’t like strands getting into your face while working, you could choose this styling idea. Keep in mind, if there are strands that keep sticking out and ruining your look, you should apply some hair cream or spray to it to make it smooth and elegant.

4. For The Everyday Look: “The Slick Short Bob”

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A lot of individuals wear their wigs every day and if you’re planning on doing the same thing, opting for a slick, short bob might be the right option for you. Besides it looking completely unique and different, it’ll also slim down your face, which basically means that you’ll look thinner.

Keep in mind, there are various options on the market, and you can get a slick short bob from an online store, or you could choose to purchase a full undetectable lace wig such as the ones featured on https://shop.luvmehair.com/products/undetectable-lace-best-human-hair-full-lace-wig.

5. For The Energetic Look: “Two Ponytails”

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You might be planning on going out with your friends or partner, and if so, you should definitely choose to wear two ponytails that’ll make you have that energetic vibe. Now, keep in mind, two ponytails might not look that good on shorter wigs, hence, you might only want to choose this option if you ordered a full lace wig.

To make this look, you should carefully part your hair into two pieces and brush it gently. Next, you should take one part, lift it slowly – while using your brush to smooth the strands – and then tie it to the desired length. You should repeat the same part on the other side and use some hair spray to secure it in place.

6. For The Office Look: “A Single Low Ponytail”

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Choosing a style for the office is never easy, mostly because most people don’t want it to be too casual, nor too formal. If you find yourself in this situation often, you should opt for the low single ponytail, a look that is both formal and casual, but more importantly, completely comfortable to wear.

You should make a single ponytail at the back, and you could choose to place it on either of your sides or leave it hanging at the back. It might also be a good idea if you leave a few strands falling down from your forehead – since this is what gives it that casual style you might be looking for.

7. For The Feminine Look: “Curls”

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Last on our list of styling ideas, but equally beautiful and feminine as all the other ideas in our list, is the feminine look, curls. Keep in mind, you’ll have to use a heating tool for this, hence, ensure that you know what you’re doing and that you use the right products that’ll protect your wig.

The type of curls you choose to make will entirely depend on your preferences and the look you want to achieve. For the feminine look, you should opt for making larger curls and then gently brush them. Additionally, there are undetectable wigs that are already curled, so, you could choose to buy them.


If you’re planning on purchasing an undetectable lace wig, there are various styles that you could choose to wear. And, if you choose to follow some or all the styling advice we mentioned in our article above, you’ll be able to change how your hair looks on a daily basis.

So, now that you’ve learned what you could choose to do, you shouldn’t lose any more of your free time. Instead, if you haven’t already purchased your wig, start browsing online and brick-and-mortar businesses in order to find an option that’ll suit your requirements and needs.