What Type of Shirt is Best for Printing and Branding?

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A company must look into the suitable type of shirt for printing and branding when deciding on custom prints and design. A company must have the best print finish, so the design and brand are visible clearly maintaining the quality of their shirts.

There are different types of shirts available for printing and branding. If you are looking for white T-shirts at the best affordable prices, visit this site to buy comfortable, high-quality American T-shirts for printing and branding.


Types of shirt best for printing and branding

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  • Polyester fabric

Shirts made with polyester fabric are the best type of shirt that is widely used for printing and branding in the textile industry. Polyester is a man-made synthetic fabric, and shirts made up of polyester are known for their durability, fast-drying, lightweight, and comfortable.

Polyester fabric shirts are commonly used by sports athletes while playing sports. These shirts are strong and lightweight, which helps them to play more comfortably. Nowadays, this fabric is also used in fast fashion to design different varieties of outfits.

If you are thinking of polyester shirts for printing and branding, then the sublimation printing method will be most suitable for this type of fabric. This printing method enhances the designs and textures on the polyester shirts, and your brand will be clearly visible.

  • Standard cotton fabric

Standard cotton fabric is another premium quality fabric and a good option for printing and branding. Shirts made of cotton fabric are also widely used to wear at home or for other activities. Standard cotton fabric is made from soft vegetable fibers.

Shirts made up of standard cotton are also durable, lightweight and fit comfortably. If you are looking for an alternative to polyester fabric, then standard cotton is the type of fabric that you should use. There are different qualities of cotton which ensure that you are using standard cotton for printing and branding.

The best printing method for shirts made with standard cotton fabric is direct-to-garment (DTG) printing. Printing and branding on standard cotton fabric with the DTG printing method make the designs and prints last longer, even after multiple washes.

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  • Ring-spun cotton

Ring-spun cotton is another type of cotton made from a high-quality composition than regular cotton. Shirts made with ring-spun cotton are also a good option for printing and branding. If you want a premium quality print and design of your brand, shirts made of ring-spun cotton are what you might be looking for.

This type of fabric shirt is ring-spun and twisted more tightly, and woven into fabric through the spinning process. This makes the shirts softer and durable, and you can easily get a high-quality print and a smooth texture.

Like in other cotton fabrics DTG printing is the most ideal printing method on ring-spun cotton shirts resulting in detailed and better quality printing and branding.

  • Combed cotton fabric

Combed cotton fabric is a special type of cotton which is free from any impurities, and you get high premium quality shirts. Combed cotton fabric is processed before being spun to free it from any impurities so that you get a smooth feel on your skin.

Shirts made of this fabric are also strong, lightweight, durable, and feel smooth due to high-quality cotton fabric. If you are looking for the most durable and smooth cotton, then shirts with both ringspun and combed cotton fabric are the best option for printing and branding.

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  • Airlume cotton

Airlume cotton is the best cotton fabric which is a combination of both ringspun and combed cotton. It is the purest form of cotton that gives you the smoothest feeling from any other cotton fabric. Shirts made of this fabric are really expensive and give a premium look that suits your personality.

Airlume cotton fabric is ideal for expensive best quality types of shirts to meet all your printing and branding needs. This fabric is made from a long staple of cotton that gives a smoother surface for high print quality on the shirts. These shirts are ideal for high society events and gatherings or important business meetings.

  • Tri-blend fabric

Tri-blend fabric from its name itself is a blend of three different fabrics that includes 50% polyester, 25% cotton, and 25% rayon. This fabric is made using an extensive combining process that makes the shirts ideal for printing and branding.

This type of shirt is long-lasting and fits perfectly for every size. You can get high-quality prints and designs on tri-blend fabric shirts. If you are seeking a cost-effective type of shirt for printing and branding, then you must use tri-blend fabric.

The DTG printing method is most suitable for printing and branding shirts made of tri-blend fabric. The prints are not very long-lasting, and with multiple washes, they might start to fade away. These shirts don’t cost much and are ideal for daily use when you are at home.

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Best printing methods for printing and branding of shirt

  • Screen printing – This method of printing guarantees high-quality durable printing and is effective for a bulk quantity of shirts to be printed with the same design.
  • Dye sublimation – This printing method is ideal for large complex prints and gives the best results on polyester fabric. The print lasts for a long time and is ideal for designs with varied colors and patterns.
  • Direct to Garment (DTG) printing – This is a new method for printing and branding shirts. This printing method is simple to use, and you can experiment with creative design. It gives a soft finish to your design and is ideal for making different varieties of prints.

Wrapping up

The ideal type of shirt for printing and branding depends on the type of your business. If your company manufactures high premium quality and expensive shirts, you can use airlume cotton fabric which is combined with ringspun and combed cotton.

On the contrary, if your company is selling medium-quality shirts for daily use, then you must use shirts made of tri-blend fabric. And if your company manufactures sports shirts, then polyester shirts are best for printing and branding.