Tips for Shop Maintenance


Maintenance should be the priority if you own or manage a shopping center. The shopping center should be clean and well maintained so that shoppers can enjoy spending time there. The tenants also need ample space to attend to their clients. This article will give you ideal tips for shop maintenance.


Have a structure for your tenants to follow


As the shopping center’s manager it is important to have work orders that are easily accessible by tenants. You will provide certain services for them depending on their lease. An organized work order system will enable you and your tenants to get maintenance problems to get resolved effectively which benefits everyone.

Maintain the exterior of your shop

The exterior of your shopping center should be clean always. Most building exteriors need power washing to remove dust and debris. Scheduling regular power washing sessions will make the exterior of your shop pristine and give your clients a positive first impression of your business premise.

Clean windows regularly


Having clean windows is important more so if you are in a location that experiences rain regularly. It is recommended to clean your windows four times per year. Neglecting the windows leads to the creation of water spots which makes the windows look dull and dirty. Your tenants expect to have a clear view through the glass.

Inspect your parking lot regularly

The parking lot needs to be clean, well-lit, and well-marked for safety and aesthetic purposes. The paint that locates pedestrian walkways and parking lots should be clear and fresh. Trash should be collected daily. Lighting should be regularly checked and also the condition of speed bumps and traffic controlling equipment.

Trash should be removed regularly


You should come up with a trash removal strategy that enables the removal of dumpsters regularly to prevent the accumulation of waste odor and pests. If your shopping center has food vendors then trash must be regularly removed since food decomposes faster than dry products and the odor become a problem.

Loading areas should be regularly inspected

Loading areas can experience traffic when your tenants receive deliveries. You should regularly inspect loading areas so that you can ensure that things are running at the best possible rate. Unscheduled and simultaneous deliveries can lead to truck traffic making it hard for your tenants to get their goods delivered on time.

Make pest inspections


Pests are an issue in shopping centers. It is vital to make regular pest inspections and preventative measures to avert a possible infestation. If clients see a rodent in the shopping center it could be detrimental to other businesses. Local governing bodies can also be a problem when such issues are reported.

Schedule vandalism removal

Most shops experience vandalism from one time to another. If your property has been vandalized it is important to report the incident to the police and have the offensive graffiti removed. You do not want your shoppers to be confronted by offensive graffiti when visiting your shop. It will be such a turnoff.

Paint your shop when necessary


If your shopping center is busy it will require regular painting. Attend to the scurf marks that occur in your building on both interior and exterior to keep your building clean and neat. The paint on the parking lot needs touch-ups due to general wear and sun exposure. Making regular paint touch-ups will enable you to avoid large scale costly repainting work. Painting of your shop can increase your shop’s popularity and make it more beautiful.

Use eco-friendly products

When consulting cleaning services always ensure that they are using eco-friendly cleaning products. These products should provide a healthy interior environment for the tenants and shoppers. Eco-friendly cleaning products can give you an edge over tenants who are concerned about the health risks of the cleaning product being used by the hired cleaners. Eco friendly products have more longer life as compared to other products which is a huge advantage and give it a benefit over others.

Have medical assistance in place

Your tenants could fall sick once in a while. This means the responsibility of taking the required action falls on you. Make sure that your staff cleans the premise regularly to prevent infections, especially during these hard times of Covid-19. You can have several rooms in your shop to accommodate the ill tenants or customers to be attended to as you wait for an ambulance to take them to the hospital.

Invest in preventive maintenance


Always keep your shop well maintained to prevent a possible disaster that will be more costly than the maintenance cost. It is more cost-effective to prevent a failure than to fix it. You can hire a reliable service provider to do the preventive maintenance on your behalf in a cost-effective manner. A bit of good maintenance advice is being proactive rather than reactive.

Focus on restrooms

Restrooms should be super clean whether it is customer-only restrooms or shared restrooms. Ensure the restrooms have a constant supply of essentials like toilet paper, soap, and paper towels among others. Restroom surfaces should be wiped and disinfected at least thrice per day.

Why is good maintenance valuable?


You should put yourself in the shoes of customers. Nobody is willing to spend their time and money in a poorly maintained establishment. Regular maintenance should be added to the budget of any commercial shipping center. Good business maintenance is a practice that benefits all.

  • Tenants attract a larger customer base
  • Customers enjoy spending most of their time in a safe and clean place.
  • Happy customers are more likely to visit multiple stores.

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