The Lion Guard Season 4: Is The Fourth Season Coming? 


Who doesn’t love The Lion King? It is one of the most loved anime movies released for the first time back in the 90s. The Lion Guard series has followed the legacy of the legendary movie, The Lion King, and the film has won several hearts. This year, people are all eagerly waiting for the release of its fourth season.

There are a lot of rumors; some say that there will be no new season this year, whereas others say that the date for its release is confirmed. You must also be in a dilemma, whether or not there will be a new season, and if yes when it will be released.

There is no denying that this movie takes us all on a nostalgic childhood trip. With no further ado, let us see if there will be a new season for this movie or not.


More About The Lion Guard Season 4

The Lion Guard is a comedy-action anime series produced by Howy Parkins. The entire series is based on a very famous movie discussed above. The film has a huge fan base, so the series has captured considerable attention from the public. Timon and Pumbaa was the first series-produced as a movie, and this is the second series.

People can’t get over this fantastic series, so they are all demanding a new season. The entire story of this series revolves around a Lion who guards the whole kingdom. It is seen that this lion is given the responsibility of looking after this kingdom named Prideland.

The Lion Guard is the sequel to the original movie and has an overwhelming fanbase. The last season aired in 2019, the third season, and the fans waited for three long years. After so many years, they are now demanding its fourth season. The three seasons released have 74 episodes, and all of them were being aired season-wise.

Plot Of The Lion Guard


The entire series showcases a team known as the Lion Guard in it. They all are after protecting their kingdom from the enemies. Their enemies keep attacking the land, and they all strive to protect it using different means.

King Simba has a son in this series and is named Kion. He is presently the team leader that is fighting against the enemies. His son has committed a crime that had never happened in the history of Prideland. He broke the rules that were laid down by the entire team. He further included four other animals in the group to protect their kingdom together. These animals were the Honey Badger, whose name is Bunga, Ono, the Cheetah, Mufasa, the grandmother of Kion and Beshte, the hippopotamus.

Mufasa is the grandmother and is the wisest of all. She guides other team members to be intelligent through the fight and gives them directions to protect their kingdom. This was the story of the first season.

In the second season, fans got to see that Kion has a wicked uncle who returned to take over the kingdom from them. They also learn that he was initially the leader of the team, The Lion Guard, but he couldn’t hold his position. Meaning he misused the position offered and so was removed from the throne. His uncle’s name is Scar.

After being removed from the throne, he was continuously working to build a team so that they could fight against the Lion Guard and retake his position. Furthermore, he was also helping the other enemies of Prideland. The fight continued, and at the end of the season, it was seen that they defeated Scar and threw all of them out of the kingdom.

The other members of the team panicked and were afraid about what would happen if their opponents won. The final season that was aired showed how King Kion fought with the enemies with the help of Anga and Ono Hadithi, defeated the enemies and retained his position. Season 3 also showcased that there was a new Lion Guard who replaced the old Lion Guard.

Though both of them were together as a team, they fought against their enemies together to protect their kingdom.

Seeing the content of the previous three seasons, fans are assuming that if its fourth season is ever made, they will get to see the competition. Until now, there is no news of the fourth season being made and whether it will be aired.

Will There Be A Fourth Season?


As far as the fourth season of the Lion Guard is concerned, there are only rumors about its release. It means there is no sure shot news, whether it is going to be released. The makers and producers have not officially announced yet. That said, if you are looking for the trailer of this series, you will not get to see one because its release is not yet confirmed.

Though, if you search on the internet or youtube about the release of its fourth season, you will get to see a lot of videos being aired. Such videos are not from the official makers but are fan-made. Such videos contain clips from the sooner season. With an immense fan base, the series is going to be a hit as soon as it is released.

Final Thoughts

We recommend the makers plan for its fourth season if they have not already done so. The plot is quite gripping and the viewers are waiting for the next season with bated breath. The season is going to be a super hit and will be talked about by everyone just after it is released. If you too are a big fan of the series, unfortunately, you will have to wait for a while until there is official news of its release. Stay tuned for all the latest updates on this series!