Smart Home Technology For Your Dog – 2024 Guide

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As technology continues to improve, people can use it in different ways to make home life easier. This includes purchasing smart home technology designed to take care of and help your dog. If you can’t always be at your house, you should look into these pieces of dog technology to add automation to your home so you can care for your furry friend.


Wireless Dog Fence

Dogs like to run around while outside, but some of them will get distracted and run towards dangerous objects. For example, your dog may want to chase a car on the road. If you want to let your dog spend a lot of time outside, you should look into a wireless dog fence.

The PetSafe Wireless Fence Containment System stands out as an excellent choice since you can easily set it up. Many of these containment systems will prevent your dog from leaving the yard while training him or her not to past a certain point. This way, your dog can enjoy the outdoors without worrying you.

To find the perfect PetSafe wireless dog fence for your home, yard, and pet, check out The Pampered Pup for more information.

Automatic Dog Feeder

If you have to leave your house, or if you can’t go home to feed your dog lunch, you may want to pick up an automatic dog feeder. This device will dispense a set amount of food into the dog bowl based on the times you program it to activate. Doing so will allow your dog to consistently get food even if you can’t stop by the house.

If you get an automatic dog feeder, you will only need to worry about refilling it whenever the dog food starts to get low. Otherwise, it will continue to dispense food for you. Keep in mind you can find different types of dog feeders with various features, so you should find the one that appeals to you.

Automatic Water Fountain

If you get a food dispenser, you should also look into automatic water fountains for your dog. Just like with the food dispenser, you can set up automatic water fountains to put water into the bowl so your dog can get a drink. You can set it up to dispense water at different times of the day so your pet can always have access to it.

Keep in mind that different water fountains will hold up to certain amounts of water, so you will need to refill it as needed. You can also purchase one that connects to your smartphone so you can dispense water while away from your home. This way, if your dog gets particularly thirsty, you can refill the water bowl.

Dog Camera and Treat Dispenser

Sometimes, your dog will miss you when you have to leave the house or go somewhere else. Luckily, you can get a dog camera to easily see and talk with your furry friend if you miss him or her. Most of these devices allow you to see your dog from your phone while allowing you to talk with your dog through a microphone.

As an added bonus, some of these devices will allow you to shoot treats out of them. This means you can have your pet do some tricks and reward him or her after you see your dog perform them. You can also get versions that will display your face to your dog so he or she will come when you call.

Air Purifier

When you own a dog, your house may start to smell, have allergens, pet dandruff and even fur in the air. This can cause the air to feel gross, so you and your dog could potentially have a harder time relaxing in the house. Due to this, an air purifier can help you to have cleaner air so you and your dog can enjoy your home.

An air purifier works well if your family doesn’t want to deal with dog smells in the house. The air purifier will help you to reduce that smell without spraying air freshener all over your house. This will then make your home more comfortable since you can improve the air quality.

Electronic Dog Door

As an added point to letting your dog go outside, you should look into an electronic dog door. These dog doors allow you to attach a collar to your dog that works as a key. When your dog approaches the dog door, the door will unlock and your dog can go through without bringing in other animals.

This device works well if your dog likes to go outside, but you don’t want to constantly open the door to let him or her out. This means that people or other animals can’t break in through the dog door since it will lock itself whenever your dog doesn’t use it.

Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Dogs tend to shed all over the place, so it can be time consuming and difficult to vacuum their fur. If your dog tends to shed or make a mess, you should purchase a robotic vacuum cleaner. This device will seek out messes and quickly pick them up so you don’t want to worry about them.

Robotic vacuum cleaners are excellent options for most homes since they will make cleaning easier for you. You can find different vacuum cleaners that will vary in battery life and settings, so do some research and find the right one for your home.

Automatic Dog Pad

Some owners will have their dogs use the bathroom outside while others may purchase dog pads instead. However, dog pads can quickly make your home smell and they can be a pain to clean up. Luckily, you can now purchase an automatic dog pad to help you out.

You can have the pad clean itself at the touch of a button on your smartphone. You can also set it up to automatically clean the dog pad at set intervals or when your dog steps off of the device. You will need to replace the dog pad at times, but this device will make your dog’s bathroom breaks easier for you.

Dog Heating Pad

Dogs can easily get cold during the evening and the winter. If you have a small dog, he or she may bundle in blankets often due to the cold weather. A dog heating pad stands out as an excellent way to keep your dog warm when you can’t be home or when your dog goes to bed.

This heating pad allows you to use high settings so your dog can quickly heat up after going outside. You also have low settings to help your dog stay warm during the evenings or the cold months of the year. Either way, you can keep your dog warm.

It’s nice to find different ways to automate your home or use technology to make life easier for you and your dog. Each of these products will assist you when it comes to caring for your pet in various ways so you can both be happy. Feel free to review them so you can purchase the products that provide the most advantages to your situation.