Starting a Salon: What You Need and How to Begin

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Now that several states and cities have opened up and resumed their operations, businesses have taken an active part. Some businesses are still following strict guidelines while rallying behind the government to bring the economy back to its feet. Industries like the salon industry have suffered during the start of the pandemic.

The salon industry and the people behind it are hoping for the best during these trying times. They are slowly trying to pick up the pieces and have started to adjust to the new normal. With people still dying to get a haircut and new hair color after the lockdown, this industry is far from giving up.

More people are stepping out from the comforts of their own homes and are willing to keep their daily lives to resume. Many have trooped to a nearby salon, although some have little confidence in going to one. But, salon services cannot easily be replaced by home treatments. Despite the odds, more people are still willing to put up a salon business.


Starting Your Salon

As the markets are slowly opening, salon businesses flourish rapidly with more people venturing out. If you wish to start a salon, here are the things you need to consider before opening one:

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  • Business Plan. You have to start with a business plan. This includes the proper location for your salon, looking for knowledgeable employees, planning the services that most clients would ask, and other important details that could help your business. Planning during a pandemic can help salon owners troubleshoot possible issues that might come up during its operation. This is also an advantage for your newly-established business to make adjustments for the clients’ safety and health.
  • Capital. You start with a question, “How much does it cost to open a salon?” That depends on what type of salon you have in mind. Capital is an important factor in a business. One cannot just start a business empty-handed. It would help if you had top-of-the-line equipment and payment for your rent and renovations, and beauty care products to help you with the business. If you have made your budget beforehand, taking into consideration the possible expenses, then you are smoothly on your way to bringing your business to new heights.
  • Location. Look for a location that best serves you and your potential clientele. Keep in mind that the more accessible your place of business is, the more people will check you out. Customers are more likely to come when your place is just close by since it helps them avoid traveling to distant salons to get a haircut. Your location must be within an area where you can easily attract customers.
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  • Software. Everything nowadays depends on technology. To make your salon easier to manage anytime and anywhere, you need a salon management software to help you get on track and keep tabs on your business’ progress. Mobile apps help you update on the things that need to be done in your line of business. One software you can rely on is Weave. Chatting with your team, payment requests, and communicating with clients are now efficiently done without the hassle. Weave can provide services that you need even outside work hours and away from your workplace. So, it is a must to have one installed to make work hassle-free.
  • Hiring Employees. Hire workers who are trained professionals. One cannot learn hair coloring and perming overnight. It takes a trained eye and expert hands to please your customers who may have tastes way beyond an amateur to handle. If you want to impress, then hire professionals who know the trade.
  • Knowing Your Target Market. You probably know your target market since this is a business that thrives on beauty and personal care. Make sure that you know your customers well and their needs. For example, you put products that are environment-friendly to attract them. According to one study, a survey revealed that 92% of their respondents prefer companies with environmental impact. You can start with that piece of information. You have to include certain things in putting up a salon, such as social distancing and hygiene. Most customers would be looking for this and the authorities who are tasked to check on establishments. Guidelines have been imposed to protect the workers and the customers.
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  • Check Out the Laws and Regulations. Find out more about the laws and regulations that guide every salon in your city. You must know the existing rules to avoid any issues that may crop up later. The pandemic has also made additional regulations for businesses that require close contact. There are CDC Interim Guidelines For Businesses and Employers issued to protect the salon employees and customers from any possible transmission. This is also meant to keep the workplace safe and control the spread of the disease.
  • Keep a Business Bank Account. Keep your business bank account separate from your personal one. There are instances when you have to track the progress of your business. Expenses made in the course of your business must be kept separate from your personal expenses to avoid any confusion.

This will greatly help you in time for the tax season. Besides, this will make it easy to track your business transactions and the flow of money in your business if you have a separate business bank account. It will also establish credibility and professionalism on your part.


Whatever business that you are planning at this stage, be sure if you are actually ready to go into it because it requires more than just ideas and planning. It also needs financial and emotional investments. A business’ failure and success depends on how much you can put into it.

Every business has to start somewhere. You are no different from the rest, who are now enjoying customer support and loyalty. A salon business may sound too difficult at this moment, but every business has its challenges. Try to work this out to your advantage. Profits will come in later after you have established well.