How to Crack SSC or Other Government Exam – 2024 Guide

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Lakhs of active job seekers and fresh graduates are joining the Government exam bandwagon primarily due to the job security and financial stability that a Government job provides. As we all know after the graduation everyone struggle a lot for job. No matter in private sector or government.

If you are fresh out of college or a working professional who is looking to transition to a more lucrative and secure job then it’s high time you start seriously considering Government exams. It’s a no-brainer with all the upsides – timely promotions, handsome compensation, substantial pension, accelerated career growth, social status, and immense job satisfaction.

But don’t take it easy because if you are an average student then you have to work more to become successful But if you are intelligent enough then these are just a few of the heavy hitters. The list goes on…

In this article, we will list down the best time-tested and realistic preparation strategies that will help you ace any Government exam effortlessly.

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1. Apply for the Right Role(s) & Exam(s)

Lakhs of aspirants apply for Govt exams each year but almost 30 to 40% of them don’t turn up at the exam centre on the day of the exam because somewhere down the link they realize that this isn’t truly what they want. Even before beginning the preparation for the exam the aspirant must decide which job role would be ideal for them given their long term objectives and career goals.

If the ideal job profile that you are aiming for could be secured through more than one exam then it is advisable to apply for all of them. Before applying for an exam, make an informed decision based on the selection process. Some exams may not include an interview round or may not require you to learn a specific subject. Choose the exams that best suit your goals and allow you to play to your strengths.

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2. Truly Understanding the Selection Process

Understanding the selection process includes knowing the various stages involved, the exam pattern and syllabus for each stage, how the final merit list is arrived at, previous year sectional and overall cutoffs. A thorough understanding of these things will help you strategize and plan effectively.

Even though the exam pattern and syllabus for many exams may seem identical at first glance there are subtle differences which could be overlooked by you. For example, the SSC CHSL syllabus is the same as that of the SSC CGL but there is a drastic difference in the difficulty level of the exams and the types of questions that are asked. Understanding the nuances of each exam will save you valuable preparation time.

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3. Breakdown the syllabus

Spend a day or two collecting and analyzing all the question papers from the last 5 years. Figure out the frequently tested topics/concepts from all the sections and the respective weight they carry within the section. This is important because the syllabus for most exams can be very vast. Case in point, the SSC CGL syllabus.

Breaking down the syllabus will help you understand which topics to spend time on. Some online coaching website like Testbook also help students to prepare for the exam.

4. Devise a Realistic Study Plan

Your goals are very clear. Your aim is to qualify for further rounds of evaluation by clearing the sectional cut-offs and the overall cutoff for your category. Assume that this year’s cutoffs are at least 5-7 marks more than previous year’s cutoff since the competition only grows each year.


Topic Difficulty/Your Comfort Level

High Low
Easy This is a high-scoring topic. Focus on this first. Capitalize on this area to give you an extra edge
Difficult Spend enough time mastering these topics. Skipping these topics will backfire big time It’s okay to skip these topics if you are short on time.

Let this table be your guide while devising a study plan. Ensure that your study plan also includes breaks and leisure time.

5. Detailed Error Log & The Mock Test Frenzy

As and when you learn a new concept ensure that you practice all possible types of questions from that concept. If you notice that you are struggling with a particular topic or type of question, make note of it and revisit it a few days later.

Solve! Solve and Solve! – Repeat this until you are a cold blooded question killer.

The last 2 weeks before the exam should be judiciously utilized to attempt and analyze mock tests and previous year question papers. Try and simulate the actual exam environment while doing this. This will help you get accustomed to the exam pressure and nerves. Remember that mock tests are meant to boost your confidence and attempting them before you are thorough with all topics can be demoralizing.

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6. Do not panic

While preparing for a professional exam, you always have to concentrate more, and for that, it necessary not to panic. Well, most of the student do preparation, but when they see that the exam day is closing so, they get panic. For better performance and concentration, you only have to focus on your goal, and for the plan, you have to do the preparation at the movement.

Well, one of the most important things is don’t think about result think about preparation and do your best in the exam. Don’t ever feel that you are not going to make it. Believe in yourself and keep motivated.


We hope that through this content you found all the tips and strategies which are going to help you in your SSC or any other exam. In this content, we have shared all tested and proved tips. So, prepare yourself and don’t lose hope. Also, if you find this information useful then must share with your fellows so that they also qualify for the exam.

We hope that you found these tips and strategies helpful. Also, we sincerely hope and wish that you land your DREAM JOB. Happy prepping!