3 Most Popular Sports Indians Bet On

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The sports betting market in India is growing at a tremendous rate and shows no signs of slowing down. And, this is not surprising at all considering that a huge number of people in India watch and bet on sports. It became a national tradition and now it is an inalienable part of the Indian’s mentality.

Indians like placing bets on several events, whether it is cricket or hockey. Gaming companies have therefore tailored their websites and services to cater to the Indian market. Earlier, bookmakers used to include only popular sports and matches; however, as the sports betting market continued to boom, the number of sports options offered to players started to increase. Now there’s a possibility to bet even on esports or virtual sports. By the way, these kinds of sports are also rather popular among Indians to bet on.

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Wondering-which sports do Indians like to bet on? If you are keen to explore this, keep on reading.


1. Cricket

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Cricket is not just a sport for Indians — it is their passion. Cricket is directly associated with Indian culture and it’s difficult to imagine this country without this kind of sport.

Over the years, cricket has garnered attention from Indians and it has gradually become a professional sport of the country. Indians perform well in cricket matches in their states as well in other international venues. The popularity of the game can be traced back to 1983 when the Indian team bagged their first World Cup.

Cricket is an enormous sport and the bookmakers have noticed the craze of cricket amongst sports lovers in India. The number of matches that are hosted in India every year is increasing and so is the number of fans.

Currently, cricket betting is big in India and it is getting better with every passing day. Punters indulge in cricket betting as it adds to their overall exhilaration. The Indian Premier League (IPL) is the most awaited cricket match series, which is held in India every year.

Online bettors place their bets on the IPL matches and get rewarding profits. The emergence of online sports betting websites has made it easier for bettors to place bets because sites like Parimatch are handy and quickly accessible.

Key to successful cricket betting: It is not a difficult task to win money by placing bets on cricket. The key to winning is determination, and knowledge of the sport and the participating teams. A simple way to remain informed about the latest events is by subscribing to sports websites.

2. Football

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Football is an internationally beloved sport. In India, football doesn’t enjoy the same level of rage as cricket, but it is still liked by a huge section of fans. Indians are usually the audience and not the football participants. No wonder: football has much in common with cricket, which explains why it’s so popular after cricket.

When it comes to online betting, football is another sport after cricket where Indians like to bet. In the last few years, football has drawn the attention of avid enthusiasts in the country. If the fanbase of football persists, this sport will soon come close to cricket in terms of betting. Most online betting websites offer numerous bet options from the top events for Indian bettors.

Being a football fan is all about providing support to your favorite team, but online football betting takes the whole experience to the next level. Moreover, placing bets can reward you with money even if your team loses.

Key to successful football betting: Winning football bets is easy. You just need to understand the gameplay and the types of bets.

3. Hockey

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Hockey is a national sport of India as well. It may sound strange: India and hockey, nevertheless it’s one of the most popular sports.

Yet, it does not have the same admiration amongst sports fans in India as cricket. Things have however changed a lot lately. India is now hosting some of the enormous hockey events in the country and around the world. Numerous people are competing to become a part of the national hockey team. With this positive approach, we are sure that hockey will soon revel in the same limelight and publicity as other sports in the country. And one day it may appear that it became as popular in India as cricket, for example.

Many sports bettors in India prefer betting on hockey as they are familiar with the gameplay and the participating teams. Hockey is fun to watch, and by placing bets you can earn a few more bucks.

Key to successful hockey betting: You can place winning bets by staying updated with the participating teams. It should not be a difficult task for a passionate sports fan.

Make Profit Betting On Sports

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If you want to escalate your sports experience, what better way than to invest in sports betting. Apart from having some excitement in your way, you will have a chance to win money. Most online betting companies now offer customized wagers for Indians.

But it’s not worth forgetting that there should be some limits in betting and it’s not a good idea to make a lot of bets at once especially when you’re a newcomer. Don’t hurry, take some time to think about it carefully, don’t invest much money in your first bets. Read some betting tips, watch videos that may be useful.  When you obtain some experience, you will know how it works, and then you could place multiple bets.

When it comes to finding a safe online betting app, many are meant for Indians. If you are looking for the best bookmakers to bet on sports, the Parimatch app is worth checking out. It is a safe app, which is customized exclusively for sports bettors of India.