Setting up Nevis LLCs to Reap the Benefits – Requirements, Procedures, and Costs


In turbulent times like the ones we are living in, security and safety are not a dial tone. Not a single haven or shelter can be considered 100% safe but certain places on the globe are nearing perfection. With all the benefits and privileges Nevis boasts, the jurisdiction’s clients struck gold. Strong privacy and political stability provide for a perfect customer-wooing combo. Add the enhanced asset protections to the mixture and you’ll get a perfect recipe for a thriving offshore jurisdiction.

At International Wealth, we recommend Nevis not only to those seeking to securely shield their assets but also to the ones anxious to set up a business and operate therefrom employing the multiple privileges the nation offers. In both cases, Nevis LLC formation can be a great solution and the benefits thereof are undeniable.


Foreign court judgements are not recognized in Nevis. To pursue their case, claimants will have to mount an action anew in a Nevisian court. With the Nevis legislation favoring local LLC owners and trust settlors, the chances for the creditors to win the case and seize the disputable assets are slim, especially considering the high court costs in Nevis that may discourage the creditors in question from even making the attempt. Nevis LLCs serve as a barrier separating assets and their owners thus making it hard if not impossible for creditors to seize them.

Apart from asset protection, Nevis LLCs may operate as standard business vehicles that can be employed to run companies, including, inter alia, holding, trading, investment, service, consulting ones, etc. NB: any profits Nevis LLCs receive are tax-exempt provided they originate outside of the offshore jurisdiction. Both the upkeep expenses and reporting requirements are minimum for Nevis LLCs, their member number is unlimited, and the registration procedures are quick and easy. On average, it takes the International Wealth industry pros 5 to 7 working days to incorporate an LLC in Nevis for you.


First things first, let us remind you what you’ll have to do to make it possible.

The initial step is to submit the scanned document copies required to incorporate an LLC in Nevis to the International Wealth consultants:

  1. international passport
  2. proof of address or residence, e.g., a bank account statement, utility bills issued within 3 months of the submission date, etc.
  3. due diligence and order forms (completed and signed).

The International Wealth experts will handle it from here. The only thing left for you to do is pay our service fee, which in case of Nevis LLC registration makes upwards of USD 1899. Feel free to order additional services where you need any, but remember, the above fee does not include them and such services will be charged extra.


Be sure to mail the original documents to the International Wealth back office.

After the incorporation procedures have been successfully completed, the corresponding company incorporation and any related documents will be handed over to you by courier delivery service.

Having a secure instrument to protect your assets is crucial in the modern world. Assisted by the International Wealth worldly-wise lawyers and consultants, you can be perfectly sure your financial, legal, and any other goals will be attained in no time.

Remember, time does not wait, and in case of Nevis LLC incorporation, it is better to secure your asset protection arrangements sooner rather than later.