Reign Season 5 Release Date: Renewed or Canceled?


Mary Queen of Scots seems to be in trouble. Yes, we are talking about Reign and whether it will be back on air anytime soon or ever, for that matter. The plot of the show follows the protagonist vowing to take the throne after the death of her husband and how it goes from there.

There are many twists and turns, as is ejected from a period drama. But for the regular watchers, there is some big news we will be telling you. We will see in this article whether the CW has decided to continue with this series or not. So, let us see if there will be a Reign season 5.


What Was The General Plot?

Anyone who hears about this show would hope for some semblance to history. But there is none. And maybe that is a good thing because it allows the writers to present a story without any bounds. But the drama of this series was beyond something one would expect from a period drama. Let us first understand the general premise which led to four marvelous seasons.

Adelaide Kane is playing the role of Mary Queen of Scots. Her husband, the King of France, Francis II, has passed away. Additionally, there is also the execution of Lola, her lady in waiting. After all of these circumstances, the Queen decides to be ambitious enough to plot to take the throne of Elizabeth I. This seems to be something that cannot be wrapped up this soon, which is why fans have been hanging on to the story for four seasons. But will the story continue?

So far, the thing that drew the fans was all of the action happening. The main protagonist is a strong character which becomes a unique selling point of the show. It is paired with enough love sequences to balance out all of the drama. There is no wonder that something in the formula worked well enough for the CW to have made four seasons with this story.

How Was Season 4 Received?

The fate of the following season depends entirely upon how the previous season went. This means that the rating of the fourth season will be clear tellers of whether there will be a fifth season or not. The performance of the fourth season was definitely what any maker would expect. It was disappointing enough for anyone to tell what would happen to the series after the season was over. So let us take a look at the statistics.

The ratings of season 4 of Reign were 0.20. The target demographic of viewers was between 18 to 50 years of age. The ratings had declined more than 25% percent, which is very high for any series expecting a new season. The watching habits of 698,000 viewers were considered in order to draw these ratings. The numbers do not lie, and they seem to be giving a pretty clear picture of the loss of viewership. So, let us come back to the pressing question.

What About The Next Season?


Unfortunately, this is where the bad news comes in. We are sad to say that there is no likelihood that there will be a season 5 of Reign. The last season of Reign premiered in 2017, and since then, fans have been living in a world without Reign. A gap of nearly five years is too long, and it is high time to realize that no season will be following the fourth one.

CW had to make the difficult decision to let this series go, especially after the poor performance of the fourth season. It has already been long enough that any hope of revival is long gone. The actors have moved on to new ventures as well, so it is highly improbable that anything will happen now. You, as a fan, would have to accept that Mary Queen of Scots has bid her goodbyes to you.

Everyone involved with this series has shifted their interests to new series put forth by the CW or by the same actors who worked on this one. The bottom line is that Reign is not getting a season 5 because it did not perform well in its previous season, and now it is virtually too late for a revival. But we will also take up some common queries like whether it will be picked up by some other network or not.

Will It Be Picked Up By Some Other Network?

If you are holding hope for this series to be picked up by some other network, you are a little late to the party. Usually, pickups happen right after a popular series is canceled. It has a lot to do with how fans react to the cancellation and whether they want the series to be picked up. The prospective buyers also see the traction and viewership around the world to look at profitability.

But no OTT platform or TV network remains interested in buying the rights for a series that has been cold for so long. Too much time has passed between cancellation and now. If it were meant to be picked up, some network would have bought it and come forward with the next season long ago. If you are a fan still waiting for the story to continue, we are sorry to say, but it is time to move to some other series.

The Takeaway


We can say with surety that Reign is canceled to never come back. CW had to make this decision based on the viewer’s response, and it was an educated decision based on the low TRP. No other network would want to get involved with a series that did not do well while on air. Additionally, any OTT network will not pick it up because of a lack of international viewership. So for all intents and purposes, one can say that Reign is canceled and it will not be renewed.