Top 6 Plumbing Mistakes That You Should Avoid in 2024

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Many people like to fix everything on their own that has to do with plumbing in their house. Some do it to save money, and some because it is interesting to him and he does not want to wait for days for professionals. It is certainly easier to do than to repair the electricity for example, but it still requires certain knowledge and tools. These repairs and improvements usually relate to pipes, toilets, clogged drains and the like. If you are one of the DIYers who like to do everything yourself, then this is the right article for you. You need to know which are the plumbing mistakes that you should avoid because after all, you are not a professional and there are certainly many things you don’t know when it comes to plumbing.

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1. Excessive use of chemical cleaners

Surely it has happened to you many times to see that the water flows very slowly or that the drain is completely blocked and then you have reached for a magical solution. And it is a drain cleaner that usually solves all your problems within a few minutes and with the help of boiling water. It is definitely a great option and should be used when necessary. You don’t need to call professionals to clean the drain every time. But also this can’t be a permanent replacement for drain cleaning. It is primarily because chemical cleaners damage your pipes. Many people have started to use it preventively and thus damaged their pipes, and the environment is also very polluted in this way. So use this only if you have to, and otherwise use natural products like baking soda which can also help, without damaging the pipes and polluting the environment. And for cleaning, call professionals who have all the necessary equipment. Also the best prevention is to not throw anything into the drain that is not easily degradable.

2. Forgetting to turn off the water before you start

While this may seem like trivial advice, many people have flooded their house precisely because of it. Before starting any plumbing work, close the central water valve. Only in this way can you continue to work without worries. If you leave water in the system and some problem occurs during the repair, you risk water throughout the house. You certainly don’t want to make a flood because of some small DIY projects. When the water supply is closed, even if you make a mistake, nothing will happen, you will just wait for a professional., such as those at, to come and help you.

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3. Over-tightening

This is a mistake that most people make because they think that the harder you tighten something the better. They do this primarily with bolts, valves and pipe fittings, which often leads to problems. If it is tightened too much, there is a high probability that something will burst or crack and make additional damage. Also, it can burst after a few days, not right away. Then the situation is even worse, because you may not be at home, and the water will not be turned off like while you were fixing. So it’s even worse than bursting right away. Because of that don’t tighten anything too much. Especially when it comes to plastic parts, do not use too much pressure. No other material is immune to cracking, so be careful not to do more harm than good.

4. Do things that require a license

As much as you have a desire to do everything yourself, some things you must not do if you do not have a license. And the reason is that if you do something wrong, you can compromise the entire plumbing system in your area. So you should not make major alterations or install certain things without first asking permission. Also, if you do not have confirmation that professionals have done certain things for you, you will have problems selling the house. Grease trap and interceptor are some of the things that people try to install themselves but do not have enough knowledge for that. And that can get themselves into trouble and many other people as well. Read how the grease trap installation works at And you should stick to minor repairs, it is best for everyone.

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5. Starting a repair without proper tools and parts

The big mistake many makes is to start repairing without first thinking about what tools and parts they need to do it all. And then they have to stop in the middle of repair and look for what they need, and they may not be able to find it so quickly. This can all cause problems for several days. And since most DIYers don’t have all the tools they need, before you start, think or ask for advice on what you need. Then buy or borrow that tool, because a basic set of tools is not expensive at all. The same goes for spare parts. It is a big mistake to adjust the spare part, which is not really intended for that, but since you do not have a suitable spare part, you are trying to find your way. It’s something that is sure to end badly for you, so don’t try to use the unsuitable parts.

6. Excessive pressure on stuck valves

We often don’t turn the valves for years and that causes them to get stuck. What you must avoid is to use too much force to untwist stuck valves, because you will surely break them and make yourself a big problem. Try turning the valve by hand and if you can’t move it at all, it’s a sign that you probably won’t success to turn it. Try using pliers as well, but not using much more force than when you tried by hand. If you don’t feel it moved at least for a little bit, then it’s time for a different approach to solving the problem. If you just try to turn it using all your strength, you will surely break the valve.

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So that your DIY project does not turn into a disaster, try to avoid these plumbing mistakes.