Plinko Casino Slot at 1Win Online Casino


It’s hard to believe that Plinko’s fascinating journey began in the 1980s. Everything started with the well-known American game show “The Price is Right.” This game’s special combination of skill and luck grabbed millions of viewers, rapidly propelling it to prominence. Subsequently, Plinko’s distinct charm has spread to casinos throughout the world, presenting fascinating variations such as Plinko 1Win and a complimentary web version.


How to Play Plinko 1Win?


The online Plinko was created exclusively for the 1win bookmaker. Working together with the same guys from Bgaming, the development process of Plinko 1win produced a unique casino slot that can only be played on the 1win website. With its exciting casino gameplay and user-friendly controls, the exclusive, designed in the platform’s colors, managed to hold onto its allure. Even for those who are not familiar with the exciting world of gambling, Plinko’s initial launch will provide a thorough overview of the action.

Users who launch the Plinko casino machine will see a pyramid of dots with a ball at the top appear in front of them. The ball must land in one of the unique cells located beneath the pyramid’s base when its journey is complete. If a bet hits, the amount bet will be increased by the multiplier coefficient shown in each cell. Furthermore, the color of the cells varies, going from green in the center to red on the margins, which denotes increasing difficulty. Players have the option to modify the degree of difficulty by adjusting the number of lines in the Plinko casino game (ranging from 8 to 15) and the degree of risk by raising the cell coefficients.

Upon placing their bets, choosing the right number of lines, and determining an acceptable degree of risk, the only thing that gamblers can do is begin the round and watch the ball fall as it rolls around the pyramid’s sides.

Tricks for Winning Big at 1Win Casino’s Plinko


Plinko is a fun and exciting casino game that can be beneficial for those who know how to play it correctly. In this section, we will go over some advanced methods and tips that can help you win big in Plinko at 1win Casino.

  • Choosing the perfect multipliers is one of the most important aspects of winning big in Plinko. Different multipliers are available in various parts of the board, and if you land on them, they can considerably increase your earnings. However, keep in mind that big multipliers are frequently found in more difficult-to-reach parts of the board, so you must weigh risk and reward when deciding where to land.
  • There are many extra features that can help you boost your wins. The “Double Payout” bonus, for example, doubles your profits on your next drop, whilst the “Extra Drop” bonus offers you more depth. Use these bonuses carefully to increase your chances of winning.

Expert Conclusion About Plinko 1Win


The lack of the standard paylines is the first thing that draws your attention when you launch this casino game. Gamers eagerly embraced the unconventional principles since they were sick of the succession of monotonous “one-armed bandits.”

The casino gameplay of the casino machine was the second factor that put it at the top of the 1win online casino. The trajectory of the ball as it jumps around the bars may be really entertaining to watch, even though you have no control over it. especially in cases where a large wager is involved.

And, of course, cash prizes. Consistent winnings. The truth is that Plinko 1win is a win-win machine. Finally, the ball will fall into one of the cells, and the wager will be multiplied by the falling odds. Even at extreme risk, the most a player can lose is 0.8 of the bet.

Tiago Alves is an expert in online casino gaming.