How to Play Virtual Blackjack With Friends

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The game of blackjack has always played an important part in American culture. Many people learned to play the game as children because parents who wanted to keep their kids occupied at family gatherings taught them how to play it after dinner was done and the dishes were washed.

There are now smartphones that can run applications where you can play online so easily. We use our phones for everything now; from watching movies, listening to music, taking pictures, or playing games; pretty much anything that needs a screen can be found on your cell phone. First, let us talk about virtual blackjack!


About Blackjack

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Blackjack is a card game where you get cards and add up the numbers on each of them. If your number is bigger than the dealer’s number, then you win! Unlike some games there are no tricks involved — this isn’t one of those games that have special moves or anything like that. It’s just simple math, so anyone can play it!

When you start learning to play blackjack, one thing you might notice is that people say things like “hitting” instead of dealing another card. This is because in the original version of the game when it first came out, players would have to use their own deck of cards to draw from rather than having them dealt with by someone else. Since they had to do all the drawing themselves, they would “hit” their own cards rather than deal them to get more.

Some of the most important things in playing blackjack are knowing when and where to stand (not draw any more cards), and how to make yourself win. This can be a challenge because many times it’s better for you to just take another card even though that means the dealer will have a higher score than if you didn’t. In fact, some people play blackjack just so they can figure out ways to beat the dealer!

In order not to complicate this article too much, we are going to stick with the simple example of a single deck of cards. The rules are basically the same whether you use one deck or several, and the reason it’s called Blackjack is that if you use one deck and don’t split your numbers (which I’ll explain later) then you can only end up with a score of 21. Since there are only 20 cards in a deck, this means that if you’re ever dealt a hand where your number is 21 then the dealer would also have to have that number which means they would lose!  This is called Blackjack (though depending on where you play it there might be some other name for it like Twenty-One). If all this brings a craving for blackjack you could play it on

In most cases when you come up with a hand that has a score of 21, the dealer will take another card out of the deck and continue to draw until they either exceed your number and win or they keep getting closer and closer to 21 without going over and in that case you would win.

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There are some special cases, however. For example, if the dealer gets a ten-value card then they have “soft” 17 — this means that even though their total number is higher than yours because their number includes an extra card which makes it less likely for them to go over 21 they are considered to be at a lower score. This means they have to take yet another card out of the deck to try and beat you, unless… if their number includes an ace then it’s “hard” 17 which is higher than your number. This also means that now the dealer has 21 instead of a soft 21 so now you win!

If this confuses you there are some references on the internet with pictures that will give you a better idea about what we mean. But for now, just remember that when you see a number in blackjack followed by “soft” or “hard”, it means the dealer must take more cards out of the deck until either they surpass your score or go below 21.

Nowadays there are all sorts of types of video games out there. From the first Atari, all the way up to today’s Xbox or Playstation, games have changed a lot. In an era where you can play online at your leisure from the comfort of your own home on a console made for entertainment, many people want something more than just an opponent sitting across from them – they want a true experience that couldn’t be had before technology allowed it. Virtual blackjack provides that experience!

At first, you might think there is nothing special about virtual blackjack – but we assure you if you give it a chance and really learn how to play, this game will change your life as much as any other pastime.

You can do everything in virtual blackjack you normally would do playing regular 21. You can play for an hour straight if you want, or just stop after 5 minutes with no penalty. Also, you don’t have to wait for someone to take forever with their turn. You can click the cards as fast as you want and they will respond immediately!

One of the best parts about virtual blackjack is that there are other people from all over the world playing it at the same time as you – so it’s easy to find a partner whenever you feel like playing a hand or two.


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So that’s basically how you play Blackjack. It can get more complicated depending on where you’re playing but it really does boil down to simple math and the only tricks are trying to make sure you don’t take cards when you should stand or vice versa, or making sure the dealer takes their biggest card first which means they have to start drawing cards before they can beat you.

Blackjack is a game really designed for everyone to play together. It’s something families might do at home, or friends could meet up and play on their phones just because it’s fun!