What Are the Best Online eLearning Platforms in 2023?

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We live in a modern world where almost all people need digital technologies. Every day we use phones and computers to order food, buy different things and, of course, search for all the necessary information. Today, the Internet is an indispensable assistant in the daily affairs of a person. And now it is being used more and more to educate people through online e-learning platforms.

This direction has become especially popular in the era of the pandemic, when people could not leave their homes and were in quarantine. And if you have free time, why not spend it on acquiring new knowledge and mastering new professions. Of course, it cannot be said that offline learning has ceased to develop and has begun to fade into the background, but online courses are increasingly beginning to enter a person’s life.

This is mainly because digital education is much more convenient than traditional classrooms where you have to be physically present in class. If you are taking online courses, you do not need to waste time getting to school or university. You just turn on your computer or phone, open the online learning platform and start gaining new knowledge. Such a system makes education cheaper and more accessible to all segments of the population.

Today there is a huge variety of online schools and platforms. With their help, you can study various sciences, such as physics, chemistry, mathematics, or all kinds of languages. Also, online courses provide an opportunity to master entire professions. They can be seen as an investment in your future that you can make without leaving your home.

The differences between the platforms lie in the quality of the material taught, the variety of courses, the availability of relevant certificates, as well as the price. Plus, some online schools allow you to use their own mobile apps, and some don’t.

Let’s take a look at the best online learning platforms today.

1. iSpring Learn

Source: iSpring Learn

It is a great online learning platform for business. It provides opportunities to train business employees and undergo advanced training. It can also be used to give new knowledge to trainees and to certify employees. Training can be as varied as possible. It includes video, audio, texts, tests and some other elements. Using this platform, you can accelerate the training of employees, which will give more productive results for the business in the future. The system has wide functionality and allows you to organize all work processes related to training. iSpring Learn is the right solution for those who want to give professional knowledge to their employees, as well as automate and simplify the educational process.


2. Skillshare

This is a great online school option for developing your creative skills. The platform has at its disposal more than 35,000 courses in completely different areas. It is now very popular and is used by more than 5 million people. If you decide to use it too, then you will have the opportunity to try the free version to see all the benefits.

Skillshare has the option to subscribe to certain courses, but you can also buy an annual subscription that allows you to watch absolutely any lesson. In addition, such a choice will be accompanied by a good discount for the purchase. This school offers classes in such disciplines as music, cinema, art, management, design and many others. Skillshare also provides special training plans for business. Almost all lessons include training videos and homework to reinforce the topics covered.

3. EdX

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All programs and courses of this platform were created with the participation of Harvard University and the University of Berkeley. Most of these classes are taught by top-notch teachers at the best colleges and universities in the world. This school provides an opportunity to study languages, various arts and many humanities. It also provides certificates of obtaining a bachelor’s or master’s degree. EdX has a huge amount of free classes. However, if you don’t pay for the subscription, you won’t be able to complete graded assignments and earn a certificate. You will have to pay for these services.

Also a big plus is that almost all courses are designed for you to study them on your own, so you can do it at any time convenient for you. The main disciplines for training are data analysis, many humanities, as well as computer science and statistics. The training itself is similar to the traditional one due to the presence of lectures, seminars, assignment checks and various quizzes. EdX is a fairly complex education system, so you will have to make an effort to master the topic you need.

4. Coursera

This platform is considered one of the most prestigious and has courses in marketing, business, data, healthcare and many others. There are courses from teachers of many prestigious educational organizations. For example, Stanford University or Imperial College. Also, this online school provides an opportunity to get an online degree. coursera has over 2,000 free courses to help you evaluate the quality of your learning. Plus, this platform cooperates with organizations such as Google and IBM.

It can provide both fairly simple courses and complex educational programs for advanced training or a degree. The learning system consists of videos, tests, homework, quizzes and many other interesting elements. If you choose this online platform, you will be able to buy both individual classes and immediately purchase an annual subscription.

5. Udemy

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It is a huge online learning space that provides over 100,000 courses for its students. It can be classes on almost any possible topic, including management, marketing, programming, music, humanities, art, cinema. More than 40 million people use this school. It provides special training opportunities for business companies. Also, any teacher can place his scientific material on it. This platform has more than 500 free courses that you can take and evaluate the quality of education.

Another big plus is that access to all the lessons here is for life, and if something does not suit you, then Udemy will return your money without any problems. The lesson plan here can be quite diverse. There are courses in audio format, video format, or even in text form. All this is accompanied by interesting quizzes, homework and tests. Upon graduation, you will be provided with certificates. However, the downside is that they are not accredited. On Udemy, you can find any courses you want and immerse yourself in the educational process with interest.


Today, online education platforms have firmly entered the lives of many people. They make learning easier and more productive, while keeping it as high quality and effective as possible. If you also want to learn something interesting, learn a new profession or improve the competence of your employees, then you definitely need to resort to the help of one of these systems.