How Safe Are Offshore Dedicated Servers


Today, thanks to the Internet, individuals and companies can achieve global visibility by creating a website that, thanks to web hosting companies, will be available online anywhere in the world. But, when you want to move your business outside the borders of your country, and you also want some other benefits like anonymity or a dedicated server for your type of business – then offshore hosting is the best choice. However, many of us still wonder how safe offshore dedicated servers are? So, let’s seek the answer.


Why Choose A Dedicated Server for Your Business?

The choice of server solutions mainly depends on three factors: performance, security, and costs. Considering that this is quite an investment on which the operation of your business depends – you must consider all options based on these criteria. If you want to isolate your website, web application, or email account in another independent environment – then a dedicated one is a good choice. By renting a dedicated server, you get all its resources at your disposal. That way you can use a special IP address, CPU, and RAM – and have complete freedom to do what you want with it.

Additional Services You Can Get


Some other things also come with the use of a dedicated server. Security and monitoring, SPAM, black-listing, and special network settings require maintenance – and you will need an administrator for that. If you are not able to hire one, along with renting a server from each hosting company, you also get a maintenance offer that is usually paid monthly. In addition, there is a security hardening service that is paid for once. Related to that, better hosting companies will also offer you a set up at a one-time price. However, you should know that not everyone needs a dedicated server.

When Do You Need A Dedicated Server?

Keep in mind that it is not necessary to have a separate server if you are a startup project, a small company that is just exploring the market – or you have started writing your blog. However, if your business and finances depend on whether you will receive and send an email on time independently of other users, as well as whether all 500,000 followers will be able to read the text published in the newspaper – then you need a dedicated server. Also, if you want to have options that are not available on shared hosting, you need to rent a dedicated one.

Dedicated Server Security And Safety Issues

It is clear that if you have a website with sensitive content or a certain activity is prohibited in your country (for example, casino and gambling) – you will opt for offshore hosting. However, whether you need a dedicated server or not – depends on the criteria we mentioned above. If it is business-wise to rent a dedicated server, you must have wondered about the issues related to security. In this sense, we can say without any doubt that using a dedicated server is safe and reliable. You can also check out the safety prerequisites on specialized websites such as

You will find out that not only will your data be secured and copied, but it will also provide you with a faster loading speed – and in every way improve the performance of your website.

How Does a Dedicated Server Guarantee Your Security?


Of course, it is of great importance for your work so it needs to be safe. The very fact that you have a server just for your needs, and you don’t use a shared one – speaks a lot about safety. However, you get some other features that guarantee your safety and will make your website performance way better.

● Resources just for you

When you rent a dedicated server, the hardware resources that you will use and come with it – belong to you. Given that there are no third-party sites on your server, no one can threaten your work.

● Your Dedicated IP address

Along with your server, you also get an IP address at your disposal that is only yours. You can upgrade even additional IP addresses if you need them. That is extremely important, for example, in the case of blacklisting of IP addresses that can occur on shared hosting – but also because of all the special settings around IP addresses that are not enabled on shared hosting.

● Advanced security and custom modifications

On a dedicated server, you can configure security as you wish. That is not possible when you use shared hosting – because it is set up so a large number of users can use it. Therefore, on shared hosting, adapting to the conditions of one user would lead to the fact that the other user cannot use his part of the server. A huge advantage of a dedicated hosting is that you can use a custom script for security – which is not allowed on shared hosting.

● Enough space for all your backups


Ready-made configurations generally already provide you with a huge amount of space – but if you want and need it, you can order additional disks and expand the space at any time during operation. That is quite important for storing large amounts of data, or, say, for frequent data backups.

● Server uptime depends only on your plans

You choose when to restore your server and how long it will work without interruption. On shared hosting, it may become necessary to restart the server due to maintenance or a possible problem. On your dedicated server, you choose what you want to restart the server for – or you can determine a time for the restart that suits you.


A dedicated server is the best solution for certain businesses. At the same time, it gives you the most flexibility. The complete server machine belongs entirely to you – and you can easily upgrade all resources. Only your websites can cause hardware load, or your emails can cause your IP address to be blacklisted if you send a lot of SPAM mail. In other words, the key to the security of your business is entirely in your hands.