4 Reasons Never To Use A Public Wi-Fi Without A VPN

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While many people are aware of the dangers of the internet, the fact is that a lot of them still don’t pay enough attention and do not take the right actions to prevent potential issues. We all need internet today, and it is common for people to look for wireless connections when they are not at home. Most mobile providers are still offering limited packages, which is also the reason why people need public connection.

However, keep in mind that it is very important to have a proper security layers installed on your device before you connect to some public network. One of the best solutions to safely use the internet that way is to use virtual protection. If you are interested in installing VPN on your laptop, check out https://wevpn.com/wevpn-chrome-os

The key feature of this type of protection is that it can hide your IP address and prevent hackers from monitoring or accessing your device. You can also prevent some annoying features on certain websites, and even get discounts on stores that are using location for their offers. Here are the main reasons to avoid using the public internet without proper protection.


1. Someone Could Steal Your Data

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The fact is that we are sharing too much private information when using social networks and many other websites. Therefore, your pictures, name, address, and many other data can be easily accessed on your browser if someone manages to get into your device over the public network.

The problem could become even bigger in case that hacker gets into your social accounts and email, which that person could change to you cannot access them anymore. The problem can be even bigger in case you are keeping some sensitive content on your email or cloud.

The same is for your bank account. Most people are using mobile banking apps, and they require generated codes each time when you need to complete an online purchase. A hacker could get into your system, track your activities, and then find the app you are using, along with passwords and codes that are needed to spend money.

2. Hackers Could Access to All Devices Connected to Public Network

A lot of people are not even aware of this possibility and how simple it can be for those with more knowledge and experience. Therefore, when you are in some bar or restaurant, and your device is using the free internet, keep in mind that someone might break into the system, find the user name and password of the main router, and then have an access to all devices connected to it.

However, when you have proper virtual protection, your address will be hidden, and there is no way to face any issues even if you are using such a connection.

3. Malicious Files

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This is another anger, and it exists since the introduction of the internet. There are different types of malicious files like viruses, worms, and other types of software that can be used to monitor your device and steal data, or simply mess-up the system and break your device.

It is always important to pay more attention when you are visiting various websites since it can also lead to issues with malicious files. When it comes to public internet, someone could infect your device with it as well. Still, there is no way for them to do that when you have a special player of protection.

4. Someone Could Spy on You

The problem is that many people share the same opinion where they think that no one would ever be interested in spying on them. However, you have to be aware that even some big companies tried to track the activities of potential buyers so they can create the right marketing tactics. Also, the problem is even bigger when someone manages to get into your device, and then use your pictures and videos on fake profiles.

Besides that, if you are keeping some sensitive content, intimate photos, and more, the problem can be very serious since such content might appear on some website available for public, or you could even get blackmailed for it. Hackers are using various tricks to scam or blackmail people.

Another reason is when you are a business owner. Using the same device that will later be connected to the router in your company can lead to serious issues. The hacker will remain active in the background even after you disconnect from public network, or he might install a virus that will track your device whenever you go. Therefore, you are risking losing sensitive files related to your business.

Pay Attention to Your Online Activities

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If you don’t pay enough attention, you could face some issues with proper virtual protection. For example, the great feature of a VPN is that you can have an access to many websites from all over the world. However, some of them might not be safe, and you could end up with malicious files. Therefore, be sure to check the safety of some online platforms before you access them. Moreover, never keep your Bluetooth and auto-connection active when you are outside of the home or office.

The Bottom Line

Even though developers of routers and network providers are actively working on new solutions and much safer systems, there can still be various issues related to public internet and different online services. That is the main reason to use virtual protection since it will hide your device when you are using open network.

However, keep in mind that there is still a chance for problems if you don’t pay enough attention since the sites you are visiting can also lead to problems. VPN can prevent a lot of them, but if you accessing the page with downloading files that might be malicious, even this protection won’t help.

Therefore, think twice before you decide to download a free movie, video game, song, or any other type of content. The safest combination is to use virtual protection, proper anti-virus, firewall, and avoid sites that might be a threat.