Mother’s Day Gift Ideas They’ll Actually Use


Do you have a working mom you want to show appreciation for this year? Whether it’s your mom, your sister, or simply a good friend, their superpower gracefully juggles conflicting priorities. As you’re rounding up your gift list, perhaps you’re thinking about finding something that makes her feel appreciated and makes her life just a tad bit easier.

Well, you’ve come to the right place for ideas that last longer than the traditional roses and chocolates (although most moms won’t turn down a lovely bouquet and some nice chocolates). Consider this list of gifts for your favorite working mom that will help them feel appreciated this coming Mother’s Day.


10 Gifts for Hardworking Moms


When you consider the day-to-day life of the mom on your list, discovering practical ways to pamper her during her workday will showcase the care you put into choosing a personal gift. Consider the following ideas.

1. Make a Playlist

For the music-loving mom, create a Mother’s Day playlist for her. Studies show that listening to music might help you process information faster, which will boost her productivity and give her back a little bit of time in her day. Gather up her favorite songs or pick out the ones that express how you feel about Mom every day of the year. Or, pay for a streaming music membership so she can rock out to all her favorites whenever she wants.

2. Office Plants


If the mom in your life has an office, whether at home or not, consider exchanging that bouquet for a long-lasting office plant. Many studies showcase how greenery cleans the air and rejuvenates your creativity. For busy moms, ensure that you’re gifting low-maintenance options that don’t require much in terms of daily upkeep.

3. Custom Wall Decor

While most moms put energy into decorating their homes, they might not feel they can prioritize the decor in their office space. Whether she’s working from home or in a traditional office, consider gifting her some art. She likely spends a substantial amount of time in her office, so helping her create a lovely, welcoming space will be a gift she appreciates.

4. Healthy Snack Basket


Most moms are so busy taking care of everyone else that they frequently push their self-care to the back burner. Help her prioritize her daily nutrition by gifting her some nonperishable snacks to help boost her wellness and mental energy. Bonus points if there are no Goldfish crackers or fruit snacks included!

5. Meal-Planning Service

Keeping with the self-care and health theme, even die-hard cooks need a night off. Lighten the load and gift Mom a meal-planning service. You can subscribe to a service that supplies only recipes or a service that includes all the ingredients too. Whether she works or not, there’s no mom around—who wouldn’t love having someone else take care of dinner occasionally.

6. Home Office Cleaning


An easy and inexpensive Mother’s Day gift is a deep clean of her home office. She probably pours a lot of the household maintenance time into the rest of the house where guests might visit. Gift her some love with a thorough, top-to-bottom scrubbing.

If you can swing it, consider gifting her vacuum like yeedi vac 2 pro from when it’s all done to help maintain the healthiest possible work environment.

7. Exercise Equipment

This might not seem like an obvious gift for a working mom, but one of the biggest challenges for moms everywhere is fitting in time to be healthy. If the mom in your life works from home, that might mean a new set of dumbbells, a yoga mat, or a gift certificate to a workout streaming service. For mothers in a traditional office, perhaps that’s a weekly yoga or cardio class she’s mentioned.

8. Sunshine Light for Her Desk


OK, admittedly, these aren’t actually called sunshine lights. They’re UV lights that help recreate the mood-enhancing benefits you get from spending time outside soaking up some sun rays. If she’s tied to a desk all day, she’ll appreciate the energy and productivity boost she’ll get after using it for a couple of days.

9. Jobs Membership

This one just might give her those extra hours in her day. At Jobs portal, they know how vital work flexibility can be to all the women juggling both a career and a family. (For the record, dads are also superheroes, of course, and don’t worry—your day is coming soon!)

If you know or suspect a special mom in your life is ready to make a career change, what better gift than a jobs membership? With hand-screened, flexible positions in 50 different career categories, a gift certificate could be the nudge a mom needs to pursue a balance between her career and life.

10. Home Office Update


Whether Mom currently works from home or is looking for a remote position, why not spruce up her home office a bit? Consider getting her new, ergonomic-friendly furniture so she can be comfortable and healthy while she works. Or, buy her a new webcam or headset to make those online meetings easier.

Looking for something more value-friendly? Never underestimate a mom’s desire for organization. Perhaps something as simple as a functional, pretty calendar or some cord tamers would delight her.

For the Moms in Your Life

Whatever you end up doing, acknowledging how Mom tirelessly balances her own needs with that of her children, bosses, friends, spouses, and life, in general, will be the best gift. When you can find a gift that does that and potentially creates more self-care or eliminates a task on her list, you’re sure to get her deep appreciation.

Work-life balance is a real possibility for mothers everywhere. Jobs works tirelessly to connect job seekers with legitimate, flexible, and remote jobs that can change their lives. Take the tour to discover all of the ways that can create more time in the life of your favorite working mom.