Why is Football the Most Popular Betting Sport in the World – 2024 Review

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More wagers are placed on football than any other sport in the world. That shouldn’t come as a surprise considering it is the national game for many countries across the globe, and there is a professional league in almost every country.

Many countries have multiple leagues, and being a global game, people often like to watch and bet on more than just their home league. For example, a fan of the Premier League who is from England may also like La Liga in Spain, and watch regular games from that league.

But why is this the biggest betting sport in the world? In terms of what the bookmakers have done in recent years, their service has seen many changes. It seems every new innovation from the sports betting industry is tailor made for football, pushing the service even higher than anything we’ve ever seen.


The Leagues We Can Bet On

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As mentioned already, football takes place all over the world and the biggest betting sites out there allow you to bet on pretty much all of them.

From football in the big European leagues to small leagues in Africa and everything in between across Asia, Australia and both North and South America, there is everything any punter needs here.

Log onto your betting site at any time during the day and the chances are that you will be able to bet on football games that are kicking off within the next few hours. If you don’t want a break, there is no break, football betting is on offer pretty much 24/7 to punters.

Available Betting Markets

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The size and quality of the betting service on offer for football fans is not just down to the different leagues that are covered. This is also seen in the number of betting markets that each game has, which is how many different things you can bet on.

The big games from the biggest bookmakers will often see over 300 betting markets while it is not uncommon to see over 100 for the smaller, lesser known leagues.

Gone are the days where you have a small list of betting markets to choose from. Many of the newly created markets don’t actually involve choosing who will win the game either, offering alternative ways to bet for those without a strong view on the game.

From betting on goals to corners,, bookings and splitting the game into small segments, the choice is all yours and it has never been as strong as we are seeing now.

Betting Offers

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Whether you are a new customer or an existing customer, you should find betting offers that you can use and many of these are aimed at football fans. These offers are usually free bets or bonus funds for new customers, with many examples listed on freebets.com.

These are ideal for getting off to a great start as a new gambler. However, they don’t stop if you are with the right bookmaker, you should be able to use football offers for existing customers after your welcome bonus.

These include things such as acca bonuses, acca insurance, money back offers and enhanced odds. With the football betting industry so competitive and key for many bookmakers, they are happy to give out offers to players in order to keep them as customers.

There has never been a better time for offers, so if you are going to place regular bets on football then make sure you use everything on offer to you.

Types of Bet

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One of the biggest advantages that football has over many other sports is that you can bet in pretty much any way you want to, helped by the markets that we have just spoken about above.

There are short odds available for those looking to put together numerous legs in an acca, big prices for single bets and everything else in between. Keeping up to date with the latest sports news will help you work out what is expected from each game you are looking at.

This is also great for those who are already gamblers on a different sport. Moving to football is easy, because they can find a betting market that suits their current betting style and that means they don’t need to learn anything new.

For example, a tennis acca gambler can switch to football and place exactly the same bets as they would on tennis. If their switch was to something like horse racing, they wouldn’t be able to keep the same bet type as landing a horse racing acca is very tough to do because of the bigger odds on offer.

The Ability to Bet and Watch Live

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This is something else that points towards the sheer number of leagues on offer. Many bookmakers have a live streaming service that they can offer their players, and football is included in this.

The coverage doesn’t include big leagues that have TV deals in place, but smaller leagues that are often pushed out can get some airtime here, courtesy of the bookmakers.

These leagues would not get much action, either general interest from football fans or bets placed on them. The streaming service that bookmakers offer has completely changed that. If you want to place a bet and then watch a game live, you have many options around the world.

In-Play Betting

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One of the biggest changes to the betting industry over the past decade has been the creation and then the explosion of in-play betting. This has changed the betting world forever and continues to grow both in terms of what is being offered and how many people are betting in play.

In play betting means you can wager during play rather than before. You can place bets if your original bets have lost, or you can wait and watch how the game is going before you put your money down.

It is expected that betting in play is only going to grow in the future, and with football offering a perfect platform for it, you know that it will take centre stage in any further developments.