Longmire Season 6: Cast, Plot, Trailers, Spoilers & Updates!

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People say that Longmire has been one of the most terrific and successful drama series in the modern entertainment industry. The crime drama has garnered immense praise for its intense and exciting storyline. The fans were thrilled after watching its sixth sequel.

The hit series was launched in 2012. The first episode was named ‘Dog Soldier’. Since then, the series has hooked the audience to anticipate the next move and turn of events in the season. The sixth season of the gripping crime drama was launched on November 17, 2017.

The following sections will provide details about the much-hyped sixth season, such as the cast, storyline or plot, trailers, spoilers, and recent updates on the show.


Cast Of Longmire Season 6

The massive success of Longmore and especially its sixth season is majorly accredited to the star cast of the season. The major characters are shown hereunder:

  • Robert Taylor plays the role of the protagonist, i.e., Walt Longmire. He is the chief executive officer of the county named Absaroka.
  • The character of Victoria ‘Vic’ Moretti is enacted by Katee Sackhoff, the deputy of Walt. Apart from the deputy, she is also a former detective.
  • Lou Diamond Phillips plays the role of another deputy or second protagnosit, Henry Standing Bear. He is the closest and the most trustworthy friend of Longmire. Their friendship has moved the audience and forced them to think about what will happen next. The audience has connected well with the characters due to their strong screenplay (majorly the friendship between Bear and Walt).
  • The character of Branch Connally is enacted by Bailey Chase. He is another deputy of Walt who has a strong financial background. The character is shown as a romantic and highly ambitious person. His primary aim is to become the sheriff of the county.
  • Bailey Chase plays the character of Branch Connally. She plays the role of Longmire’s daughter, who is shown working for various agencies or parties. She is a lawyer who is often shown with Connally and given a love angle.
  • The role of Archie ‘The Freg’ Ferguson is enacted by Adam Bartley. He is shown as an underrated deputy of the sheriff. However, he has proved his excellent skills and knowledge in various cases.

Apart from this main cast, there are many recurring roles such as Ruby, Jacob Nighthorse, Chief Mathias, Barlow Connally, Jamie DeBell, Bob Barnes, Billy Barnes, and Sheriff Jim Wilkins, among several others.

Plot Of Longmire Season 6

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The series is beautifully directed and produced, with no unnecessary or irrelevant elements to push the drama. The sixth season continues where the previous one left. The story is based on the character, Walt Longmire. He is the sheriff of the county. He and his friend, Henry, solve various issues to manage the police.

The sixth season opens up by showing Henrykidnapped by Malachi. The kidnappers torture him so much that it seems like he is nearing death. But, soon, Walt reaches the place where Henry is kidnapped. He reaches the location with the help of the Crow medicine woman.

Walt goes deep into a bank robbery investigation and finds major suspects. Henry’s kidnapping proves a major help in finding these suspects. Longmire senses that Jacob Nighthorse can be the kidnapper of the case.

However, to solve the mystery, Henry meets with Walt, while on the other hand, Jacob handovers the ‘Red Pony’ ledger to the FBI. He does so to prove himself innocent in the case. In this file, it is shown that Malachi was using the ledger to draw off or hide illegal profits.

Meanwhile, Longmire finds that his deputy, Vic, is pregnant. On the way to find Chance, Vic loses her baby due to a gunshot. In the series, Walt is shown under extremely complicated situations where the lawyer gets shot (Tucker), and Vic tries to commit suicide.

Jacob attempts to take up the land under Walt to use it as a golf course. When the Irish Eddie Harp was found dead, investigations took place, and it was found that he used to sell heroin on the reservation. Even after so many events, Walt does not find Jacob innocent, especially after discovering that he used to get funds from Shane Muldoon.

In Contrast, Muldoon is killed by Henry’s kidnapper, Malachi. He initially kidnaps Henry and the innocent Jacob to take over the deeds of the casino from him. The ending scenes are excellent as there are various individuals and parties that come together for some action-packed drama. It ends up with the death of Malachi (by Walt) and Darius Burns.

On the other hand, it is found that Walt and Vic are in a relationship. Apart from this, it is also discovered that Cady and Zach are also in a relationship. The closing scenes also show that Henry has acquired the casino while Longmire departs on a mission to find the buried treasure.

Where To Watch Longmire Season 6

People who have not yet watched the sixth season of Longmire can see the latest season on the streaming platform Peacock TV. However, they can also switch to Amazon Prime or Netflix to watch all the episodes of different seasons.

Recent Updates On Longmire

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After a massive hit, fans are anticipating that there will be season 7 coming soon. However, earlier, Netflix officially canceled and cleared any rumors about the seventh season. But with a huge fan base, there are high chances of the series being renewed. One thing to note is that the 7th season will not stream on Netflix, and the production house will renew the series very soon.

There are many buzzing fan theories, with fans predicting more action and drama in the upcoming seasons. They have forecasted that Candy can be the new sheriff with new deputies. They also expect Walt Longmire to show more action.

Wrapping Up

With these updates, the show’s audience will get the official announcement of the series being renewed. The production house will launch the trailer soon after the cast is finalized and the production starts. They should constantly be in touch with the official media handles of the series or production house to receive the latest updates.