Is iPhone Microphone Good for Podcasting – Guide 2023


The popularity of podcasts has been steadily increasing over the last few years, and nowadays, you can listen to almost anything. These are available on multiple platforms, and people love them because they can enjoy them whenever they want. Plus, podcasts can be really entertaining or informative, on the other hand, depending on what you prefer.

Now, the biggest misconception is that you need to have professional equipment to record an episode, but this could not be further from the truth. All you need is your iPhone, and this type of podcasting provides you with numerous benefits. However, you probably wonder if the built-in mic is good enough, and we will answer this question in the following article.


Is the built-in mic good enough?


Generally speaking, iPhone features great components that allow you to make content with high-quality video and sound. Therefore, it can be okay if you want to use it occasionally to record an episode. However, is it the best option if you are going to record podcasts every week or every few days? No, it is not, and if this is your plan, you should purchase an iPhone external microphone.

This gadget can significantly boost the audio quality, which is an essential feature in podcasts. Your goal is to provide people with the best experience, and they probably won’t be interested in what you have to say if the audio is not very good and they cannot understand every word you say.

What do you need to record a podcast?


The answer to this question is fairly obvious. You need the device, a podcasting app, and a microphone for iPhone. When it comes to the last one, you have several options, but our advice is to get a mini microphone for iPhone.

As you can assume, the main benefit of this one is that it is quite compact, meaning that you can carry it with you wherever. Yes, once you get this, there is no reason to use the built-in one and worry whether the audio will be good enough. In addition, it is also a wireless microphone for iPhone. All you have to do is attach it to your shirt or jacket, and you can record a podcast at any time while working on something else.

How to choose the best one?

Even though we have mentioned only several advantages, this device is very popular nowadays, and you can choose between numerous products on the market. Naturally, your goal is probably to get the best iPhone microphone, so you should write down a list of requirements it must meet. The first thing you have to consider is its specifications. These will determine the audio quality you will get. Next, think about the model of your device. If you have the latest version of your smartphone, you need to find a mic that is compatible with it.

Since we are talking about Apple products, finding the right one shouldn’t be too difficult, but it is still something you have to consider before making a purchase. Now, if you want to get advice from professionals, you should click here and see what the opinion SYNCO Microphones holds for iPhone microphone is.

How to record a podcast?


The first thing you have to do is choose the podcasting app. Yes, this is another choice you have to make, so investigate the most popular ones and select the one that offers the features you need. Then, you need to set up the equipment, which in this case, includes the smartphone and the mic.

Connect microphone to iPhone and make sure that it works smoothly. You can do this by making a short record in Voice Memos and listening to it. You will probably have to make sure adjustments to the audio level. You can do this either in the app or the device settings. In addition, f you want to use an external device, you will probably have to get an iPhone microphone adapter, so make sure to put that on your list as well. Upon setting it up, all that is left to do is start recording.

Additional tips

First thing first, you should find the right place to record. Obviously, you want to keep the background noises to a minimum to ensure the highest audio quality. A top-notch mic can pick up even the traffic commotion from the street even if you are inside, so make sure to close all the windows or go to another area of your home if this doesn’t help. In addition, do not forget to turn off other devices that produce noise, and yes, even the air conditioning. If you want to redecorate an entire room and turn it into a recording studio, make sure to avoid including surfaces that can reflect sound and get rugs and window drapes.

Furthermore, switch the settings to airplane mode. This way, you won’t be interrupted by calls or message notifications during your session. Nothing can be more frustrating than concluding your podcast only to be interrupted by one of these.

What’s more, you should not hold the device in your hand while recording. Even if you try to be very still, even the slightest movement or vibration will be picked up by the mic, which will decrease the audio quality. Instead, use an accessory to mount your phone and make sure that it is secure.

Moreover, think about the placement of the mic during the recording session. Yes, you need to figure out the best place for it. If it is too far away from your mouth, your voice will sound distant, or it will be distorted if it is too close. You need to find the perfect balance since you don’t use state-of-the-art equipment that enables you to make changes to the audio. No, this doesn’t mean you can’t get a professional recording. To do so, you need to put around 20 cm to 30 cm between the device and your mouth.

Finally, keep an eye on the sound levels. Even if you tested them beforehand, you still need to monitor them during the session to ensure you are not speaking too loud.