4 New Inventions You’ll Never Hear About – 2024 Review

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Every year there are hundreds of thousands of new inventions in every country, and some of them are more popular than others. For example, we’ve all heard about self-driving cars, automated assistants, and the new rockets, but there are other things that we don’t notice even though we use them every day. Why some things are more popular than others is a combination of good marketing, things going viral, and the number of consumers. As you already know, some of the new social media networks are more attractive and popular than others, even though they can have the same number of users. If you are interested in becoming an inventor, or if you are just interested in things that are new and trendy, then you’ve come to the right place!

In this article, we are going to talk about some of the new inventions that you haven’t heard about. Some of these things are interesting and definitely worth looking into, while others will probably go unrecognized. Know that the number of people who know about something is not the same as the number of people who will purchase the product, so just because something is not viral, it does not mean that the inventor cannot make a lot of profits.

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    Pencil making device

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Every single one of us uses a pencil. It is said that each year we go through more than 2 billion of them, which means that one-third of the population uses them daily. No matter if you like them or not, one thing is for sure – they are practical, durable, and inexpensive.

Now let’s talk about this invention you have probably never heard of, but before we get to that, we will give you a little bit more random data that you also didn’t know. More than 20 billion tons of paper are used in the United States alone every year, and we know that most of that paper just goes to waste. Well, if we combine these two things – pencils and paper, we will get something more than writing notes. The P&P Office Waste Paper Processor company decided to create something that will help everyone, especially the environment.

They created a pencil making device that is really simple and easy to use. The only thing you need to do is put the paper you don’t need anymore in the device, and it will compress it, roll it, and put lead in it. Once the process is done, you will get a new pencil that you can write with. Really interesting, isn’t it?

  1. Glue butter stick

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We use butter pretty much every day, and one of our favorite treats is toast with butter and jam or anything similar. Buttering the toast has been a proven issue, and we always tend to look for ways to make the butter softer, or the bread more compliant to letting us spread the butter on it. You’ve probably heard about the trick with the warm glass or those special knives that are supposed to do the job, but it seems like nothing helps with getting the right amount of butter on the toast.

Well, here we are going to talk just about that! This invention was created by a person who combined two things that are proven to be useful and made one amazing thing – a glue butter stick. To explain this better, we will first talk about the glue sticks. We know them, we use them, and they are the easiest way to spread a thin layer of glue on any surface. Well, instead of glue, imagine a product filled with butter. You just open the cap and spread as much or as little butter as you want. The great thing about this is that you can apply it evenly on the whole surface, and you don’t have to worry about the butter being too hard.

As you can see, you don’t have to do a lot to create your own invention, you just need to think about what the world is missing. According to InventHelp, you just need to have an idea, make something that works, and patent it. Who knows, maybe your product will become viral and you will become extremely famous?

  1. Two-way toothpaste

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How do you use your toothpaste? Do you squeeze it carefully from the end and pay attention not to press it in the middle, or do you start from the middle and hope for the best? It is said that people do either one or the other, and the number one reason for quarrels in relationships is just this.

Well, with the invention we are going to talk about now, you won’t have to deal with who does what, because this toothpaste has an opening on both ends. So, there is basically no end, just two openings, and a middle.

Some people think that this is extremely useless and that it has no point, while others say that it is the best thing you could use. No matter if you think it is awesome, or a complete waste of resources, one thing is for sure – it is definitely creative.

  1. Glass toaster

Img source: homecrux.com

The last thing we are going to talk about is a kitchen appliance. Every person likes to follow the progress of the things we are doing, so why would the toast be any different?

More often than not we end up with a burnt toast or one that is not toasted enough. With the glass toaster, you will be able to see how the whole process progresses and you can take your snack out when it is just right. It is a creative idea, and it is something that people love, no matter their age. Would you purchase something like this?

These are some of the things that most people don’t know about. Some of these products can be easily found in most countries, while others were a swing and a miss. Know that just because you haven’t heard about them, it does not mean they are unsuccessful. If you have an idea, and if you think there are people who would purchase your item, you should try your luck and patent your product.