11 Smart Ways To Improve Your Gaming Setup Guide 2023

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Equipping gaming corner for fun and play without interference, of course, starts with buying a gaming computer or console. Look for a model with a powerful processor and a good graphics card that can meet the demands of newer games. There is a large selection of computers and we are sure that some of them will meet your gaming needs. However, that is not all you can do.

It is equally important that your computer has quality components such as a graphics card, processor, etc. These are the key factors on which image quality and frame rate depend. You can find more useful tips below.


1. Maintain your computer

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First of all, you will enjoy the improved performance of a laptop only with a proactive attitude towards physical maintenance. Dust and dirt are the enemy of performance. It can happen that the air flow is reduced, which will result in the computer overheating. Once warmed up, the processor, graphics card and most other components will slow down. The best way to solve this problem is to remove the dust.

Of course, this is not the easiest task. Your laptop is probably sealed, and if it isn’t, opening it will most likely void your warranty. The solution is to use specific cleaning techniques. But it’s not just about cleaning the openings on your laptop. If you use the keyboard regularly, it is important to ensure that it does not contain dust, food or other things that can cause sticky keys.

2. Update

Of great importance is updating drivers. Usually this process is simple, it is mostly included in the standard updates of the operating system.

3. Check the speed of your internet network

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If you play online video games, there is another element that you need to consider. This is exactly the speed of your internet. So provide yourself with a good internet connection, because a weak connection can often be responsible for a bad gaming experience.

4. Choose your processor carefully

Choose a processor that will process a large amount of data and provide you with detailed graphics of your favorite drifting games. There are great series of processors that guarantee a fun gaming experience. Pay attention to its features and take the time to decide on the best model.

5. Select the appropriate graphic card

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Many graphics card manufacturers are represented in the market. However, the latest games require more advanced technologies and higher standards. So, if you want to have the highest quality equipment, then consider some more expensive models. When choosing gaming equipment and in doubt, be sure to do a comparative analysis. This increased the level of game quality, user experience.

6. Obtain a high-resolution monitor

While talking about important computer components, we must not forget the importance of monitors. Opt for a high-resolution screen that can track the speed and power of the hardware to take the gaming experience to the next level.

When you have a good monitor you can count on better reproduction and image quality. When choosing a monitor, pay attention to the resolution, response time, panel type and screen size. It is also important that the monitor has a stable viewing angle, appropriate contrast and good color quality.

7. Try Woojer vest

This is one of the most popular gadgets. The main reason is the great features that will complete everyone’s gaming experience. Whether you are an avid gamer or not, you will not be able to resist the feeling that vest gives you.

Embedded transducers send low frequencies into your body, giving you a unique experience. You will feel the finest sound, pounding bass in your chest and much more. If you don’t believe us, just check this YT review

8. Use the appropriate keyboard

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If you want to improve the accuracy in games, then consider a quality gaming keyboard. It’s the perfect accessory for any serious gamer if you don’t already have one. One example of such a model is a keyboard with membrane keys, LED backlight and a practical palm rest.

There are many useful options that come with these models, and it is desirable that your keyboard be waterproof to smaller amounts of liquid. It is designed to make professional players more comfortable and fun while playing.

9. Play with an ergonomic design mouse

Complete the gaming environment with an ergonomically designed wireless mouse. Accuracy is key! Manufacturers are constantly launching new models of optical mice that increase gaming comfort. For example, choose a model with three side panels to make it easier to adapt to your personal style of play. Although some models look bulky, the ergonomic design makes them suitable for smaller hands as well. Look for a model that is both light and sturdy.

10. Use headphones with good insulation

For maximum enjoyment, we recommend the use of headphones with good insulation. This way you will be sure that the background noise will not disturb you. If you choose a lightweight design, you will be very comfortable with the headphones even after a few hours of playing. Pay attention to the audio experience or features that allow clear communication in the game.

Choose a closed design and enhanced bass. If you are more interested in speakers instead of headphones, opt for a model that has sound adapted to the frequencies of video games. Your gaming setup will look fantastic if you choose speakers with RGB lighting.

11. Get a comfortable chair

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Your gaming corner will never be good enough without a good gaming table and chair of ergonomic design. If you are an avid gamer, be sure to spend hours in front of a computer.

Insufficient quality of stool contributes to poor body position, which will result in chronic pain in the neck and spine. Fortunately, there is a large selection of chairs with adjustable parts and adequate lumbar support. It will prevent injuries and pain in certain parts of the body.


Today, video games can be different from reality, because the graphics have improved significantly and are getting better. The consequences are innovative ways of playing and intuitive controls that help players take their game to the next level. Because of that, games have become more than a hobby for teenagers.

You can play them on multiple devices and there are titles that suit all interests. To enjoy the games even more, choose the best possible setting. We hope we’ve helped you improve your game setup.