Guide to Plan Your Wedding in Aruba

Weddings are an exciting time in a person’s life, and when that wedding is in the Caribbean, there is nothing like it. Aruba is the best island for a destination wedding as there is no place as beautiful as this Caribbean Island. You have made the perfect choice when it comes to picking your destination wedding place.

Proper planning is required if you wish to make your destination wedding a success as there are many aspects to a wedding right from the guest’s lists, invitations, wedding venue, and many more such details. In Aruba, there are many marvelous beaches that are the ultimate place for a beach wedding. Eagle Beach is the third most beautiful beach in the world, and if you want to plan your wedding on it, there is nothing better than it.

Other than this, there are also many rugged and secluded spots in Aruba where you can plan on having your wedding ceremony. The best part about planning your wedding in Aruba is that Aruba has the highest number of sunny days amongst all the Caribbean islands, and that’s a plus point as your wedding would not get ruined by the rains.


Top Reasons to Plan a Wedding in Aruba

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  1. Get married in great tropical weather and the most exotic Caribbean destination in Aruba.
  2. Great beaches and scenic locations for your wedding. In Aruba, you will have a wide variety of options to choose right from the beaches, hilly areas, luxurious places, and even secluded areas where you can plan to have your wedding ceremony.
  3. Amazing wedding packages and well-experienced wedding planners. In Aruba, you will be getting every facility that you require to make your wedding a memorable one. You can choose from wedding packages that have many attractive inclusions.
  4. Aruba is well connected with flights from all over the world, so your guests will not face any difficulty reaching your wedding.
  5. Wedding venues that fit every budget. In Aruba, you will get everything in your budget.
  6. Aruba is the perfect place where you can plan your honeymoon and wedding ceremony. Both at the same place is a great combination and a great perk for you as you won’t have to travel right after your wedding.
  7. Great outdoor activities for families, kids, and couples. Your guests can enjoy everything that the island has to offer after they have attended your ceremony.

Best Time for a Wedding in Aruba

Aruba is open all year long, and the climate is also quite primarily pleasant. This is a plus point as you can plan when to have your wedding according to the comfort of you and your family members. But if you are very keen on skipping the crowded season in Aruba, you must choose August to October. At this time, the hotels, venues, and flight prices tend to drop, so you will also be getting great deals.

Make use of the off-season in Aruba for your wedding because then you will get more availability of everything at the best prices for your wedding. There is only one international airport in Aruba, and it is a well-connected one, so you will not have problems traveling to the island. Accommodation for you and your guests will also not be a problem as every type of accommodation is available in Aruba; therefore, according to your requirement and budget, you will be able to book the perfect accommodations.

You can head out to for amazing Aruba apartments for rent that will be just perfect for you and your guests. The apartments for rent in Aruba are the best in terms of amenities and location. Your bridal party easily accommodate in the Aruba apartment for rent. Have a blast with all the privacy. There are also other accommodation options which you can choose from.

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Legal Work Before the Wedding

Make sure that you have all the legal paperwork which is required before your wedding in Aruba. You will have to make a proper appointment at a city hall for a civil ceremony. It is advised that you must make your booking at least three months in advance or else you might lose out on the perfect opportunity of getting married in Aruba. All your documents must be complete and should be submitted at least a month before the wedding in Aruba.

Budget Planning

Before even starting to plan your dream wedding in Aruba, it is very important that you have a set budget so that you can work accordingly, or things might get overboard. It is very important to have a set budget which will be very helpful to get other things sorted. If you want a fully luxurious experience, then also there are many options that you can choose from.

There are world-class facilities in Aruba, and you will get everything here which you have planned for your wedding. There are many celebrities who have tied their knot on the island, and you can definitely look at their wedding if you wish to get some inspiration. From a grand wedding to a minimalistic wedding, you will be getting everything in Aruba.

It will definitely be the wedding of your dreams. Also, your wedding will be on the most beautiful island in the world. Therefore, you will have great scenic backdrops for your pictures, and you won’t have to worry as they will surely come out stunning.

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Choose The Best Wedding Planner

There are many top-rated and well-experienced wedding planners in Aruba that will take care of everything for your dream Caribbean wedding. If your budget allows, then you surely must book a local wedding planner as they would know much about Aruba and would be able to plan out and arrange for everything better than you could ever do. There are also many wedding packages that you can choose which have various inclusions.

Go ahead with your spectacular dream wedding in Aruba! Your wedding in Aruba will be memorable not only for the both of you but also for your friends and family. The scenic beauty of Aruba is such that everyone just gets mesmerized by it.

Let Aruba create its magic on you, and you both will definitely fall in love all over again in the paradise island. Plan your destination wedding in Aruba effortlessly and create your dream wedding. It is a once-in-a-lifetime event, and what better it can get if it is at the most Caribbean Island.