Do Small or Big Glass Bongs Get You Higher – 2023 Guide


The legalization process is in full swing for the past years with many countries approving recreational marijuana use. With all the social and financial benefits that were seen in a single state such as Colorado, it didn’t take much for other states to take action.

The rise of the cannabis industry aided by the legalization led to various consuming methods that marijuana enthusiasts can enjoy. However, the smoking methods are still the most popular since they usually make you higher.

To help you decide whether small or big bongs are better for you, we made this article. In addition, you will find a shopping guide to get the best bong possible for you, without spending money unnecessarily.


Bong benefits


Among all the aesthetic reasons, and making the smoking session more interesting, the bong has two main benefits compared to regular roll-ups.

Firstly, it makes smoking easier since it cools the smoke and makes it easier to be inhaled. This is especially beneficial for people with a sensitive pulmonary system that cannot withstand the smoke from a joint.

Secondly, whenever the buds get ignited, various toxins and carcinogens might cause harm. However, the improved filtration system of the bong prevents inhaling of some of them.

How important are the sizes

With various cannabis-related products, the market gets overfilled with different bong sizes. That is important because everyone has different preferences and not every size suits everybody. For that reason, finding the right bong size is important to ensure great smoking sessions.



If you are a person who is constantly active and rarely at home, mini bongs should be the best option for you. They are compact and portable while still giving you great smoking experiences.

They come in variants from 10 to 25 centimeters like the ones on smokea, while they are most common in the 20 centimeters range. This makes them a great fit if you want to bring your bong with you since they can easily fit in your backpack and even your pockets.

Even though they cannot pack a lot of smoke, they are great for one-hitters. Keep in mind that you can always refill them and have another hit right after, so they can get you just as high as any other bong.


If you are a person who wants a bong for domestic use and have no intentions of carrying it on your traveling adventures, the medium bong is your best fit. While it can get packed with enough smoke for a strong hit, it is still not large enough to cause inconvenience.

Their usual size is around 30 centimeters which in my opinion is the perfect size for such a smoking piece of equipment.

Because most bongs on the market are in this size range, you can find various types that suit both your functional and aesthetic needs. In addition, they can come up with various technologies that improve the sessions and make the smoke smoother.



If you are an already experienced user, and you are willing to take your smoking game up a notch, big bongs are the right choice. With a stem long enough to be packed with a lot of smoke, you can expect such strong hits that will surely make you higher.

They come at a size of around half a meter. However, there is a bong larger than a meter. Depending on how strong you want your hits to be that is how you choose the size.

Using a big bong can help you to take a large dose of tetrahydrocannabinol that might overwhelm you and is inadequate for beginners. However, if you are an experienced smoker, and you don’t want to take multiple hits, then this site is the proper one for you.

Since there is a lot of smoke involved in such long stems, these bongs come equipped with ice slots and percolators to make everything smoother and more enjoyable.

Material considerations


With various products, the material needs to be considered before you make a purchase. Some of them are not durable enough, so if you are a clumsy smoker, you might get sad quickly if the bong breaks. On the contrary, some options are more durable, but they don’t provide a good-tasting product.

The first material that many bongs are made of is glass. As one of the most versatile options, you may upgrade the smoking gadget with percolators, additional chambers, and many more accessories. In addition, this is the bong that offers the best-tasting bud. That is why it is the most used material by experienced smokers.

The only downside is that it can be easily broken. If you drop it by mistake, it will surely shatter. Not only does your session gets ruined, but you also watch how a hundred-dollar piece gets demolished.

In case you want to get a bong just to try the experience, or you don’t care about the smoke’s quality, acryl is the best material. They are the most durable option and it is really hard to break them. in addition, they are the most affordable gadget of this type that you can get.

Another material that you should consider is ceramic. They offer great natural-tasting hits while keeping the durability on the highest level. However, you don’t have the chance for upgrades like the glass version does.

Lastly, we have silicone-made bongs which are a great way to enjoy your sessions if you dislike regular cleaning. They can easily fit in the dishwasher without any possible damage to them. In addition, they can be folded, so they make a great pick for someone who travels a lot.


Before you go and purchase your next smoking accessory, make sure you shop around and find the best deals. Purchase at established stores, since you can always ask them for advice in case you have any doubts.

In addition, don’t settle for the most basic pieces since smoking quality is the most important factor. Go for the best technology for a smooth and fun session, and don’t forget about the aesthetics as well.