From Social Media to Online Shopping – It’s the Internet Age!


Today, connecting with people from wherever they are in the world has become one of the easiest things to do. Thanks to the internet, the world has been made a global village. Technological advancements continue to emerge regularly, each surpassing the other in superiority. From the beginning of the decade, we have seen new forms of commerce, work, entertainment, modes of communication, and many others. If you stay offline for a week or two, don’t be surprised when you find yourself fall behind the trends.

The internet has been labelled as one of the most potent creations ever to grace the universe. In addition to offering people vast knowledge and entertainment, it also plays a vital role in other serious departments such as healthcare and leadership. When you look closely, you will realize that the internet has brought us advantages in a number of fields such as:




The internet is one of the main platforms which now provides us with endless entertainment options. For example, you have a wide range of online casinos, such as where you can play without having to drive for miles looking for the nearest land-based casino. You can even stream movies online, stream your favorite music, create and share videos, play games from any genre that particularly interests you from strategy games to role play. As we all know, the Internet provided people with an essential life-line over during the worldwide pandemic. It enabled people to continue to connect with your friends or people with common interests virtually through a myriad of popular instant messaging and social media apps.

There are tons of websites on the internet, each of them can provide a specific kind of entertainment. The good thing about entertainment through the internet is the fact that there is something for everyone. No matter what age or gender you are, you can always find something interesting over the internet.

Work from home


One of the biggest changes during the pandemic was to the way we work. Our work has adjusted in an attempt to adapt to the new normal in the midst of the worldwide pandemic. While some workplaces have been able to adapt, others have closed down completely. The Internet proved to be a vital entity in society after businesses started working remotely.  The Internet offered people benefit by connecting them quickly and conveniently. It was found that it made things easier and faster. Some companies even decided to make working from home a permanent basis for doing business.

Employees have never before had so many flexible working options available to them. The Internet provides people with the opportunity to create a virtual and portable office, allowing them to work hand in hand no matter their location.


IoT is an acronym for the Internet of Things. The term is used to describe objects can that be connected with and controlled by devices using the Internet, therefore making devices more intelligent and handier. Within the home, it is now possible to automatically control heating, lighting and sound systems through the Internet. Moreover, you can even monitor your house’s security system even when you are away through your mobile phone. All this thanks to the internet.

The most significant advantage of adopting IoT is that it helps save time without compromising quality and accuracy.

Cloud storage and cloud computing

Nowadays, there are internet-enabled options that can be used to store information through cloud services easily and conveniently. It offers a more accessible and more affordable kind of storage. Documents and photos can be shared with multi-users making it an efficient way to share and edit files. Additionally, these devices are allowed access to powerful computers that help them perform complex tasks that they wouldn’t have performed independently.



If there is a sector that has heavily benefited from the internet is the commerce sector. People can now buy and sell goods and services over the internet. Moreover, they can even compete these transactions online with a minimum of fuss. However, e-commerce is not solely about buying and selling goods and services. Additionally, people can now save and invest their money online. This has been made possible by wallet and other financial management software replacing traditional ways of saving money. Businesses such as stock trading have also been made more convenient. Nowadays, all you need to trade stocks is knowledge and a smartphone. You can even sort for brokerage services online. How awesome is that?

E-commerce takes different forms. Below are the four main models that describe all transactions carried out between businesses and consumers.

  • B2C (Business to Consumer). This is a situation where a business sells its products or services to an individual consumer. Businesses no longer require a bricks and mortar base in order to build their brand awareness. If they can develop a good online presence and user-friendly e-commerce site, they can connect with the consumer directly.
  • B2B (Business to Business). These are transactions carried out between businesses, either through buying raw materials, employing the services or selling the end product of another business.
  • C2C (Consumer To Consumer). These are transactions carried out between consumers. For example, platforms such as eBay offer these services where a consumer can sell second-hand products to another consumer who needs them. This method is becoming particularly popular among environmentally conscious consumers for the purchase of clothing, furniture, vintage and collectibles.
  • C2B (Consumer to Business). This is where a consumer transacts with a business by offering their products. A good example would be the Twitter influencers which offer their influencing services to a company for exposure of their services.



As you can see, the Internet is and will continue to be a vital entity in the world. It has found it’s way into every facet of our daily lives from the way with communicate with family and friends, manage our work and our homes, to the way with access entertainment and consume goods and services. The ease, convenience and variety that the internet offers are unmatched.