4 Most Common Types Of Fraud In Online Gambling in 2024

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In these two decades of its existence, online gambling has changed a lot, in a technological sense. The graphics, the design, the website the availability. But one thing remains a constant, it’s attractiveness. The number of online gamblers is on a constant rise, due to many reasons, one of them being the accessibility of the games, and the internet connection which is present almost everywhere we go. One may say that people are more hooked on being online than they are on a particular game they play. Our whole lives have moved to the virtual space.

Online gambling sites are often exposed to bad marketing, because of all the cases when gamblers lose their money. Players get angry and start spreading such news, even though losing in gambling is something expectable, just like winning. However, there are some websites simply not considered safe for this activity. Such places are exposed to third party frauds. It’s important to stay away from them, but the question is raised, how can you know? In order to know, you need to be aware of what to expect. Read about the most common types of fraud in the rest of the text.


Frauds related to the bonus

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The most common type of fraud, not because someone does it intentionally, but because most of the players are unaware of it. It’s a lot less of a problem in comparison to other types of frauds that can have more serious consequences. However, taking advantage of a bonus given by the casino is something gamblers feel they have the right to do. In order to understand better, let’s explain the bonuses. A bonus is a thing that attracts the gamblers and the competition between different online casinos is mostly based on them. They bring clients to the platform. It’s an opportunity taken by many websites, such as CasinoChan, to attract players by giving them rich bonuses and appealing daily rewards for registering on their platform. So, basically, they are additional goodies.

A bonus can be everything from a money deposit to something else like free spins. It’s important to stress out that casinos never really lose money by giving bonuses. They are always influenced by something, like fulfilling a certain criterion to gain an additional bonus.

Here’s an example – you get a hundred-dollar bonus. In order to actually receive it and use it, you need to place a ten-time bigger bet (a thousand), after which a hundred will be deposited on your wallet. If you want to do so, the reality is you’ll be losing money in a way, so all this considered, the casino has more gain than loss.

The most common method gamblers tend to use is to think they’re smarter than the platform and try to take advantage of it by creating multiple accounts, to gain multiple bonuses. Then they simply switch from one to another, gambling with bonuses. Though they seem simple, these frauds are not so easy to pull off today, because casinos have protective measures against them. Players often think of this as their right, not a fraud, and tend to get banned by casinos when they figure them out. Once caught, your recent gain can be confiscated by the casino.

Chip dumping

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Unlike many hacks and frauds related to the injustice in winning, this one is related to money deposit. It’s a very common thing, or better say – money laundry activity, seen in online poker games. How does it work? Well, one or more players sits together and makes an agreement to lose from another player, on purpose. Then, they throw in all their chips in a bankroll of one player. Why they do this? For a couple of reasons or functions. First, this way they help one of the players fulfill the criteria for a bonus. Or when someone needs a couple of more steps to the top of a tournament, a bunch of chips can make the path easier.

Money laundry is by far the most serious fraud. Income gained through illegal corporations, cannot go into the bank account without raising suspicion. On the other hand, the money one gains by gambling are usually considered legal and therefore taxable. No need to explain further.

Chip dumping in this case is considered legalization of the money gained via an agent sitting behind a poker table.

An agreement

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It’s more of an expression, but it speaks a lot about what’s in the middle. It can also refer to multiple gambling frauds. To put it in simple words, a couple of gamblers make an agreement “bellow the table”, for a mutual interest.

A poker table is the best way to illustrate. Again, the motive behind these frauds is again the bonuses. As we already know, they require switching from player to player. So, if enough players get together for an agreement they wish to implement in a series of games, every single one of them can fulfill his demands. They leave the table with an additional bonus for registration, never having to invest their own money on gambling.

Impersonating someone else

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It mostly happens when someone steals an account and starts playing as that person. You have a couple of accounts playing at the same time, but the same person is controlling them, dictating who wins.

An account doesn’t necessarily have to be stolen, it can also be given to a player with consent. Yet another agreement gambler makes for profit. The most common pattern is when a professional uses a beginner account, taking full advantage of it and manipulating the game to his advantage.

When money and gain are at stake, gamblers will always find a way to make sure they profit. Not all are experienced in this area, but those driven by passion, are aware of the opportunities for online gambling.