9 Reasons Why Electric Toothbrushes Are More Effective Than Regular

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There are so many dental hygiene products available in the market that people get confused which one is right for them. Brushing your teeth everyday is an essential part of maintaining your oral hygiene. We have been using manual toothbrushes since ages now but we have one more effective option with us, electric toothbrushes.

Electric toothbrushes have various benefits over the regular one, which is why its popularity is increasing day by day. Let us have a look at few reasons why electric toothbrushes are more valuable and effective than the regular one:


1. Built-in timer:

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Whenever we consult a dentist, he always suggests that we brush our teeth for around two minutes. This helps in cleaning our mouth thoroughly. However, when we use a manual toothbrush, it is not possible for us to keep a check on the exact timing. There are numerous electric toothbrushes that come with a built-in timer, which tells you the exact time you have taken for brushing your teeth. You can set the 2 minute timer yourself and once the time is over, the electric toothbrush will alert you with a pulse.

2. Brushes your teeth gently:

Many people feel guilty for brushing their teeth too hard using a manual toothbrush. Sometimes the bristles of the manual brush are also not very soft and that can be damaging for your tooth enamel. But this issue can be resolved by using an electric brush. Most of the electric toothbrushes contain a sensor which will alert you when you apply too much pressure while brushing.

Even if you are using your regular brush, make sure to not apply excessive pressure and try to clean your teeth gently. If you do not take care of this point, you can cause damage to your gums and tooth enamel.

3. Removes plaque more effectively:

The bristles of the electric toothbrushes have the capability to rotate and vibrate which helps in the removal of plaque more effectively than the regular brush. Various studies have shown that rotating heads work much better in removing the plaque than manual brushes. Check out oclean.com to get your gentle cleaning power brush.

4. It can reach the awkward areas of your mouth:

When you brush your teeth with a regular toothbrush, many areas of your mouth remain uncovered. You miss brushing various areas of your mouth which is not good for your oral health. It can lead to the accumulation of plaque and food stagnation in your mouth. To avoid such a situation, you should consider using an electric toothbrush with a small head. Small head is a perfect option for reaching the uncovered areas such as the back of your mouth.

5. Saves money

People who use regular brushes could not remove the plaque easily from their mouth. And this leads them to dental clinics where they have to pay heavy bills to get their teeth clean. Investing in an electric toothbrush not only helps in improving your oral hygiene but also helps you in saving money on dental bills. You can prevent various oral diseases by using this advanced technology dental care product. It might be costly to buy initially but it will help you in saving money in the long haul.

6. Great for people who can make limited movements:

Many individuals suffer from wrist issues, disabilities, or arthritis, which is why it is not possible for them to move their hand properly while brushing teeth with a regular brush. And even if they do somehow, it can create stress on their wrist area that is quite painful. Such individuals must consider using an electric brush. By using this advanced oral care product they can clean their teeth effectively with limited mobility as well. You do not have to move your hand much because it will handle all the work for you.

 7. Enjoyable for children:

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Parents have to work really hard to make their children learn some good habits including brushing their teeth. It can be a very challenging task to make your kids brush their teeth every day. But an electric toothbrush can make this a bit easier for you. Children find this device engaging and they actually have fun while using it. It is also more comfortable for the kids than the regular brushes.

8. Less waste:

People generally throw away the manual brushes after using them for some time and this generates a lot of waste. But this does not happen with the electric toothbrushes. We all know that plastic is very harmful for our environment and if we want to save our earth from this type of waste, we need to switch to alternative products. The best part of using electric brushes is that you can use them for a long period. You only have to change the head of the toothbrush without changing its body. The average life of the main body and battery of these brushes are 3-5 years.

9. Get rid of bad breath:

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Bad breath is a common problem found in many individuals usually caused by poor oral hygiene. This is related to lodging of food and plaque between the space in your teeth and gums. It can be an embarrassing situation for you especially when you are talking to someone. But an electric toothbrush can save you from bad breath. It properly removes the food particles that get stuck in your teeth and provides you a fresh breath.


With so many oral health care products available these days, it can be difficult for you to decide which one you should pick. Electric brushes have numerous advantages over regular toothbrushes, which is why you should give it a shot. Some of the benefits include effective removal of plaque, saves money, generates less waste, cleans your teeth gently, can reach uncovered areas of your mouth, and helps you get rid of bad breath.