How to Decorate Cheap Kitchens on a Budget – Guide 2023


Sometimes, you feel like your kitchen is too bland, and it needs something to make it look like a warm, loving space to have dinner with family and friends. In this case, you should know that decorating is not easy, and it indeed can be pricey, especially if you’re decorating a spacious kitchen.

But what does it mean to decorate on a budget? It’s not about bringing more things in but working with what you have. That means that you can fully take advantage of the natural elements around your house and mix them so that you’ll be able to get to the final goal: having the most beautiful kitchen and spending less money.


Make good use of your space


Maybe you didn’t notice because you usually don’t move furniture or make significant changes, but the way you use the space available will make a difference. Therefore, pay attention to how you treat your kitchen. Do you usually have ingredient and spice containers spread everywhere? Or maybe you chose a table too big for the room, just because it looked nice?

If you’re not a fan of minimalism, at least consider having fewer things in the kitchen to use more space for yourself. Don’t feel guilty about having to sort things out and maybe throw some of them. A clean area is equal to a clean mind.

Let more natural light in

Have you noticed how the photos you take look better in the sun? You’re using the artificial light inside the house most of the time because it’s more convenient, but nothing’s better than a ray of sunshine. It’s a good idea to close the curtains when it’s too hot outside; but you should leave them open the rest of the time, mainly in the morning.

According to Cheap kitchens shouldn’t be hard to manage since you already might have an idea of what you want to change. This is why it’s good to start with the basics: light. The good thing about this is that the sun has a good impact also on you, not only in the kitchen. If it bothers you, it’s a good idea to change your curtain in each season, to absorb the sun in the wintertime.

Choose a pattern and stick to it


Now let’s talk about interior design elements, the pattern you choose for your kitchen should be constant. These are the main combinations to help you get the idea of colour matching:

  • a complementary combination (for example, blue and yellow)
  • a monochromatic combination (only one colour everywhere)
  • an analogous combination (3 different colours that go well together)
  • a tetradic combination (4 different colours that match)

You can find these combinations everywhere on the internet, and choose the one you prefer. Maybe you’re the type of person who prefers cold colours, like blue, or warm colours, like red. You can match the curtains’ colour with the chair pillows to sit on; and maybe combine it with some good-looking tiles, and your kitchen will totally change.

Replace old parts of your furniture

This step can be tricky if you don’t know how to do it. You can change small and old parts of your kitchen’s furniture, like your cabinet handles. Choose some interesting materials, and it can look good if you pay attention to the colour combination—for example, leather and brass are a great match.

Replacing old furniture parts is a good thing to do because when you’ve already lived there for a long time some items may show signs of wear and tear. However it will feel weird to change something about your kitchen, but after you get used to the change, you’ll see it was worth it. You can also change the old, basic tap with a black one. Or, instead of that, you can paint some tiles with leftover paint. The door fridge is too boring in white? Paint it in strips or draw flowers on it. Take everything from your kitchen and give it a personality.

Add plants


Another good thing for your health is bringing plants inside the house. They’re not expensive, and if you take care of them for a long time, they will repay you with fresh air and a pleasant smell inside. These are some recommendations for plants that grow nicely inside the house:

  • Calatheas (small plant, doesn’t require much water)
  • Chinese evergreen (it grows well even in darker places of the room)
  • Dragon tree (doesn’t need too much water)
  • Aloe vera (great in a humid room, also a good remedy for sunburns)
  • English ivy (perfect for the tall cabinets, it can attach to the walls)

The plants also go along very well with the humidity in the kitchen but don’t forget to take care of them. Plants have the power to change the whole room just by imitating the nature outside, which makes it even better for our well-being and satisfaction.

Be creative

Last but not least, get some inspiration from the internet or real life and create something for your kitchen that you’ll be proud of. For example, you can make a pot for your flowers out of rope and just let their leaves form a little forest. Or you can design some decorations yourself, with paper, scissors, and some imagination.

Don’t forget to stick to your colour palette, and maybe add some drawings. You can ask your friends to draw/create something for you to give it a friendly feeling so that everyone will feel at home when they enter your kitchen. It’s easy to get creative if you imagine a place for cooking that makes you feel good and satisfied with yourself.

When making these changes, think about how you’ll feel when you get home from work and get into the most beautiful, clean kitchen that feels like home. It doesn’t take much money for these things, just a willing heart and motivation to get to the end of your personal project. Decorating on a budget can be very fun and exciting if you’re doing it right!