7 Tips and Things to Know Before Dabbing Weed For The First Time

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Dabbing is becoming more popular by the day, and if you are like most adventurous people, you are probably planning on trying it soon. If you have never used this process before, it may be challenging for you, and the sensation is definitely going to be much different than your past experiences. In this article, we are going to give you some tips and we will list some of the things that you need to know before dabbing weed for the first time, so you don’t find yourself lost and confused about what to do and how.


1. Don’t do it alone

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If this is your first time dabbing, then you should never do it alone. The main reason why this is, is because the sensation is completely different, and you need a buddy to enjoy this experience with. Even if you have smoked weed before, dabbing is stronger and it is going to be different from other experiences.

It is said that it is best if you do it with a larger group of friends so that you can enjoy yourself, but even one person is enough. Make sure that the person is more experienced than you are, and that they know how to handle the equipment and how to clean it after.

2. It’s different than anything you’ve tried before

Unlike smoking weed in the traditional way, dabbing is much stronger and it is going to get you higher faster. If you are not too used to getting high in any other way, you don’t have to start with products that contain tetrahydrocannabinol. You can opt for cannabidiol goods at first, and you can look for concentrates that contain CBD only. Even though you won’t get that high feeling, you will still feel more relaxed and it can help with your feeling of stress and anxiety.

In case you choose to go with THC goods, then look for a high-quality concentrate that is not going to contain too much tetrahydrocannabinol. Rembert to take it slow and don’t follow the hits that the more experienced people take. Give yourself time to adjust.

3. The equipment is fragile

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Most of the emend that is used for dabbing is made of glass, which means it is pretty fragile. You don’t want to drop it during the setting up process, and you definitely don’t want to accidentally knock it over when you are taking the hits.

To prevent any scratches and to steer away from anything happening to the tools, you should always look for a stable and flat surface to prepare for your session. You need to look for high-quality tools that are going to stay intact even if you knock them over, but in any case, you need to pay attention to what you are doing before and during the dabbing.

4. You may burn yourself

One of the most important things you need to remember is that the equipment that you are using is going to be hot. It is better to use a guide to smoke dabs before you try it, so you are prepared for what is going to happen. Keep in mind that even the smoke that is coming out is going to be at a higher temperature than the one that you are used to when smoking blunts.

You need to pay attention to how you are handling the tools and how you are inhaling them. You should never pick the glass part up if it is freshly heated, you should pay attention to the nail, and you should be careful when inhaling.

5. You have to clean your tools

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After each session, you should always clean the equipment and the tools. Know that once the concentrate is cooled off, it is going to get harder, and if you don’t clean it right away, it is going to cause clogging, and with time damage to your tools.

Know that if you wait for a day or two to clean it, you may scratch your units when you try to remove everything, and you may even break them if you use more force than needed. These tools are more high maintenance than anything that you are used to, so you may need some time to get used to the process of cleaning your goods after you are finished dabbing.

6. You should take breaks

As we previously mentioned, the feeling that you will get with dabbing is stronger, and some even say, much better than anything that you have experienced before. You may be drawn to take another hit as soon as you finish the first session, but you have to remember that you need to take breaks.

Try to ignore the rush that you are going to feel, and take your time to get used to it. The last thing you want is ruining your experience just because you tried to take too much weed in a too-short time. Between two sessions have at least an hour or two breaks, and that is after you stop feeling the high sensation. This will help you get a better experience every time you dab.

7. Drink water

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Finally, don’t forget to hydrate yourself. If you have smoked weed before, you probably know that you have to drink water during and before the session and that when you do that, you are less likely to have a bad trip.

If you don’t keep yourself hydrated, you are more likely to start feeling nauseated and even anxious. You need to have fluids around you if you don’t want to start feeling dizzy and lightheaded and if you don’t want to ruin this experience for yourself and everyone else around you.

Since this is going to be far different than anything you’ve tried before, even if you have smoked weed, it is better to educate yourself and do your research before you try dabbing. Use different guides, and when purchasing the equipment, know what you need. There are many tools that are going to be helpful, so don’t forget to get them all. Invest in good tools so that you have an easier time setting things up, and don’t forget that the concentrate is going to make the biggest difference.