5 Countries Where You Could Easily Go with Covid Restrictions

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Most of us like to plan trips — it is an exciting process, sometimes even more exciting than the trip itself. But, all our plans have been disrupted during the COVID pandemic. It was hard to just sit at home and do nothing — all of us are missing traveling. Now, there is a chance to travel again.

Today, we will talk about countries you can visit this summer and discuss renting an apartment during the COVID pandemic.


How Covid Has Changed Our Lives

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It would be foolish to say that COVID hasn’t changed our lives. Never before had we believed that such concepts as “mandatory masks”, “lockdown”, or “social distancing” could become so common. According to the World Bank, the virus has affected all aspects of human life: quality of education, access to medicine and food, number of enterprises and their profit, global level of unemployment, etc.

In 2024, to resist the spread of COVID-19, governments established all kinds of restrictions: quarantine, closed borders, obligatory PCRs tests for traveling, and many others. Right now, almost a year and a half later, most countries are ready to host tourists. Many of them require vaccination certificates, which is an extra motivation for people to get a vaccine.

Countries Where You Could Go Now

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When you search for a country to visit in the 2024 summer season, you may see that the countries on the list are divided into three groups: green, orange, and red. Red ones are dangerous to visit because there are an increase in coronavirus cases and subsequent restrictions. Orange-zone countries are relatively safe — but to visit them you should provide a vaccination certificate, a negative PCR test, or go through the mandatory quarantine. Green countries, you can visit freely: you won’t need to provide tests and other documents.

In the list below, here are five countries that you should visit this summer and what you need to do to do so:

  • The United Arabian Emirates. To visit this sunny country, you need to provide a negative PCR test. Proof of being vaccinated is not mandatory, as well as a quarantine. You will be tested once more in the UAE airport — this precaution is required to ensure that none of the tourists are sick.
  • If you are not a fan of beaches, Belgium is a good choice. As a member of the EU, European Union, Belgium requests a negative PCR test. Still, there is good news for those who wish to visit Europe.
  • This little Balkan country issued no restrictions for tourists — you can enjoy your summer in this Adriatic Sea country. There are no mandatory tests or quarantine.
  • The Dominican Republic. This island country is a paradise for divers and those who just wish to relax. You don’t need to provide any certificates or negative tests, as there are not many COVID restrictions.
  • This Middle East country is great for those who wish to dive into human history. The only restriction is a negative PCR test. If you provide it, you won’t have to stay in quarantine.

New Rules

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During a pandemic, you need to think about your accommodations beforehand — even more thoroughly than before. There are two options: stay in a hotel, or find an apartment for rent.

A hotel is a common option for most travelers. It is relatively cheap and comfortable. However, several problems are occurring in this sphere nowadays.

Firstly, in most countries, the work of hotels is restricted or limited; the worst thing is that most hotels have been closed for good — they couldn’t survive one of the lockdowns. The second problem is that hotels can be crowded — it may not be safe to stay there during the pandemic. No matter how intense the cleaning staff works, there is always a possibility of one of the guests getting sick — so most health experts propose that travelers rent apartments and stay safe.

It is important to use suitable services to search for accommodations. If you decide to travel to OAE and look for rent in Dubai, Metropolitan Properties is your number one choice. Having a great catalog of places to rent from, they can find a house for rent Dubai has that will suit all your needs.


Img source: pexels.com

Let’s sum up what we’ve discussed:

  • COVID-19 has transformed the way we live. Experts believe that we will feel its influence for the next decade, at the very least.
  • All countries are divided into three groups: green, orange (or yellow), and red. The color depends on how safe it is to visit a country. To find more details about the country’s travel regulations, visit their ministry of foreign affairs website.
  • It is safer to rent an apartment than to stay in a hotel because hotels often don’t have the necessary equipment for proper deep disinfection.
  • While searching for an apartment or house to rent, use platforms and services that can help you find accomodations.

And one more piece of advice. When you decide to visit any country, check all the recent changes on border measures. The situation around the globe is still unstable, and this little check can help you choose the best travel destination possible, stay safe, and avoid disruptions that come with traveling to a country that’s suddenly put into a lockdown.