How to Simplify the Construction of Commercial Premises Using Aluminum Structures

Aluminum structures are a modern solution in the construction industry. Not only the appearance of buildings depends on them, but also their reliability, comfort and durability.

TechnoHome specializes in the production of aluminum structures used in construction, namely in facade glazing, reflexology, etc. This is a patented brand, providing the opportunity to order aluminum structures with a huge variety of characteristics.


What is TechnoHome


With its own production of architectural aluminum systems, the company does not sell products independently, but is an exclusive exporter. TechnoHome’s mission is to build a B2B dealer base in the United States, as well as cooperate with real estate developers.

The company’s aluminum products are shipped to many U.S. states – California, New York, Washington, Arizona, North and South Carolina, Nevada, Tennessee, Oregon, New Jersey, Massachusetts and others – and are known in more than 40 countries around the world.

The annual production volume is 22 thousand tons of all types of profiles, in the manufacture of which advanced technological solutions are used. Engineers, designers, architects and developers from different countries (Germany, Norway, Italy), combining their experience, managed to create aluminum products that meet high quality standards.

Today, Tchnohome is a world leader in the aluminum industry, guarantees the best prices and good delivery times. Its certified products made of environmentally friendly aluminum are an attractive and most suitable material for various systems. More details:

Assortment of finished products

Aluminum structures have gained popularity due to their unique characteristics – lightness, aesthetic design, as well as reliability, strength and durability. Due to this, they are not only widely used, but also significantly simplify the construction of commercial premises.

TechnoHome offers aluminum products in an assortment to meet the needs of a wide range.

Overlapping systems

They are a practical and functional design solution for rooms of different purposes. TechnoHome offers:

  • systems for protection of open areas (cafes, restaurants, hotels);
  • automatic sliding glass roof systems;
  • ceiling systems for conservatories, verandas, large-span roofs;
  • glazing structures.

Aluminum structures have a number of features. In addition to their strength and durability, they can be customized to create ideal microclimatic conditions by being able to precisely adjust the light and heat levels in the room.

In addition, they are a great solution for architectural projects, as they have a modern design, which allows you to give the exterior of buildings a modern style and sophistication, to create unique spaces.

Window and door systems

In addition to being elements of a building’s exterior appearance, windows and doors also fulfill an important function – to create comfort and security inside the premises. Therefore, it is important to choose the best and correct materials for window and door structures, which include aluminum door and window frames from TechnoHome. These are:

Aluminum windows and door frames from TechnoHome have many advantages that make them in demand in the construction of commercial buildings.

  1. Reliability and durability, as aluminum has exceptional resistance to external factors. This means that all structures are able to retain their original appearance, resistant to corrosion and deformation, which is important in harsh climates and frequently changing weather.
  2. Structural lightness.
  3. Large selection of aluminum colors and textures.
  4. Energy efficiency. Achieved through the use of thermal break profiles and modern sealing technologies. This allows to reduce heating costs and preserve heat inside the premises.
  5. Noise insulation. Aluminum window frames effectively reduce external noise.

In addition, window and door systems are made of environmentally friendly material.

Glazing systems


The aluminum glazing systems presented by TechnoHome are innovative solutions that offer numerous advantages.

  1. Reliability and durability.
  2. Lightness and durability.
  3. Thermal Insulation.

They not only fit perfectly into modern architecture and give buildings a modern aesthetic look, but also provide maximum comfort.

Sun protection systems

To create a balance of light and comfort, TechnoHome’s aluminum shading structures are the ideal solution. They provide reliable protection from the sun, create a comfortable atmosphere inside, preventing glare and overheating of the premises without preventing the penetration of natural light, and also complement the architectural appearance, making it stylish and aesthetic.

Aluminum protection systems are made of high quality and environmentally friendly material that is corrosion resistant, weather resistant, strong and durable.

Facade systems


TechnoHome aluminum facade systems have become a revolutionary solution in the construction of commercial buildings. Used in cladding, they give buildings a unique appearance and make it possible to realize the most daring ideas in the field of exterior design.

While aluminum facade systems are extremely light and strong, they allow architects to experiment with the shape, texture and color of facades.

Fencing systems

In addition to giving a stylish appearance, aluminum fences from TechnoHome are reliable and provide a long service life. Thanks to the implementation of the latest technologies and the use of high quality material, aluminum fencing systems are durable, corrosion resistant and have excellent thermal insulation properties.

Aluminum profile

The product presented by TechnoHome is exceptional due to its reliability, durability and versatility. Manufacturing of profiled aluminum is a thorough technological process, which involves processing and forming aluminum plates into special profiles.

A wide range of presses and advanced technologies are used in the production of aluminum products. This makes it possible to give the material additional strength and resistance to negative environmental factors.

TechnoHome products are relevant in the industry

TechnoHome’s aluminum products are the best and alternative solution for interior and exterior commercial building applications for many reasons. The company offers complete solutions in the design and manufacture of aluminum products, including profiles and accessories, architectural and industrial systems.

Thanks to many years of experience, the company provides its customers with the highest quality products. At all production stages the products are carefully controlled by the technical control department and the high quality is confirmed by international certificates.

Production of aluminum architectural profiles and other products, as well as anodizing and powder coating processes, are constantly being improved, using modern European equipment and advanced technologies.

TechnoHome also offers manufacturing of aluminum structures (profiles for various purposes, translucent structures, ventilated facades, office partitions and much more) according to drawings provided by customers. The cost of aluminum structures is determined individually for each project.