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60+ Most Common Sayings in English (2020)


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most commonly misused phrases

English, like almost any other language in the world, has many layers, and idioms have a large role in all that, and if you manage to master them and use them skillfully in communication, you can sound natural and even sophisticated when speaking a language that is essentially foreign.

Sayings, idioms, and phrases are essential when learning a new language. Although it can be pretty challenging to understand how everything works, like when it is appropriate to add some word or expression, with time and dedication, learning all that is more than possible. Now, you may think I’m pulling your leg, or maybe, what does it even mean to pull someone’s leg? Well, that is why you need to know idioms when learning a new language, and to pull someone’s leg means to make them believe in something that is not true, and in most cases, it is used as a joke.

In order to freely speak some language, one needs to have a good command of that language and a great vocabulary. Of course, you can not use the same expression for everything, and this is where most newbies get in trouble. Also, the difference between formal and informal language is enormous, and the English language is not an exception. Slang is a pretty important part of every culture, and you can even guess where someone is from solely on the way they speak and the proverbs they use. Also, you can often use several phrases for the same thing, and here is one example: “That doesn’t ring a bell,” “Don’t have a clue,” and “Have no idea” can mean the same thing – not being aware of something.

The English language itself is spread worldwide, which means that there are many influences from other English-speaking nations. Also, some of the sayings and idioms come from those countries. The best possible example can be the USA, whose version of English can even rival the original, and there are lots of American words used in England today. Linguists think of language as a living thing, and it is constantly changing, and as the popular saying states, “It ain’t over till the fat lady sings.” Yes, that is one of the most familiar examples of the US sayings commonly used today in all English-speaking nations.

Although you may think that this expression is an old one, its origins date back to 1976. For those not familiar with what this famous saying means, one may use it to presume the outcome even though the event is still in progress. Knowing this, it’s no wonder why you can often hear it during some game, especially when the time is running out.

Luckily, today there are several ways to learn and get a better command of the English language, and depending on your current level, you may want to try listening to podcasts or even try learning via various apps. But one way that is proven to be the best is for sure online learning lessons, and there are many reasons for that. Native-speaking teachers and tailor-made classes are something to expect from any well-known online language course, and for more info on that, check Language Trainers, a great site to find all the necessary information on this topic.