How to Choose a University to Study Hospitality?

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If you are planning to enter the University of hospitality and want to get a diploma in the field of the hotel business, then you should pay attention to three important criteria that determine the level of the educational institution:

  • Accreditation
  • Rating
  • Internships

Based on these criteria, you will be able to analyze each proposed university and choose the one that meets the highest standards of the hospitality industry in the world. Regardless of the university choice, students often struggle with accomplishing writing assignments according to WritingAPaper, online writing help.

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    Accreditation of hospitality schools

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The accreditation of hospitality universities is the most important criterion for selecting an educational institution. This is the recognition of the university and its graduates by organizations that are responsible for the quality of education.

In simple words, if the University of hospitality is accredited, it means that it trains high-quality specialists in the field of hotel, restaurant, and tourism management.

Accreditation indicates the recognition of an educational institution at the state and international level. Recently, many new schools have been opened and many universities offer hospitality programs. It is the accreditation that will help you select those educational institutions that you should enroll in.

Some universities (for example, BHMS) offer to obtain a bachelor’s degree on behalf of the University of Westminster. This means that they use the accreditation of a British university, and the name of this educational institution will be indicated in the diploma.

In turn, the universities of hospitality Glion and Les Roches offer students to get a bachelor’s or master’s degree with the name of the university. The diplomas of these Swiss universities are accredited by NESHE.

  1. Rating of universities of hospitality

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The rating does not always reflect the quality of the educational institution in the best way, but it needs to be used to understand how well the school of hospitality is recognized in the world.

The most prestigious rating of hospitality universities today is considered to be the World Hospitality School Ranking. It is published annually and is based on the analysis of universities according to the following criteria:

Quality of teaching

  • Recognition among employers
  • General indicators: quality of teaching, reputation, equipment of the university

The position of the University of Hospitality in the rating determines its recognition, the quality of training of specialists, and, of course, recognition among employers of the hotel and restaurant business industry. We advise you to always compare these rating criteria to assess the quality of the educational institution.

Although the World Hospitality School Ranking is the most popular today, not all universities in the USA and Canada are included in it. Therefore, if you are planning to study in these countries, we recommend using national ratings.

  1. Internship while studying at the University of Hospitality

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Hospitality is a practical course, so an internship is an important part of training. Usually, students take 2 or 3 practical semesters during the bachelor’s program.

Pay attention to where students are interning, what part of the training is devoted to practical experience (the most successful ratio is 60% of theory and 40% of the practice), what positions students occupy during the internship, and in which companies they work. Most universities will be happy to share with you the names of companies that recruit students.

Also, the hospitality schools hold meetings of students with representatives of hospitality companies. Be sure to ask how often such events are held, how many students sign contracts after the meeting.

To choose a hospitality school, pay attention to the most important criteria – accreditation, rating, and internships during training — they will help you determine the quality of the educational institution and choose the university of hotel business that, in addition to a good education, will allow you to work and develop in the most popular industry in the world.

Why it is worth getting higher education in the hospitality industry?

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The prestigious Swiss universities Glion and Les Roches offer higher business education in the industry on the campuses of universities in Switzerland, Spain, the UK, and China. Business education in the hospitality industry gives a ticket to the world. Below we want to give you some important facts why this education is in demand.

The hospitality industry includes several sectors and is not limited to hotels and restaurants, as is commonly thought.

The industry includes the entertainment industry and the organization of events of various levels, from concerts to official receptions at the state level, the luxury brand industry, finance, travel, tourism, culinary arts, etc.

The hospitality industry in numbers

  • 2009-the total value of the industry was 6.08 trillion US dollars, in 2015-7.2 trillion US dollars, and 9.8 trillion US dollars of global GDP
  • In 2015, the industry created 284 million jobs, which is every 11 jobs on the planet.

For every one million US dollars spent, 50 new jobs are created.

  • In 1950, 25 million tourists were registered in the world, in 2010 940 million. In 2013 – 1.087 billion. The forecast for 2030 is 1.8 billion.
  • Source: WTTC, Economic Impact report, 2014; WTTC, Comparative Impact of Travel and Tourism, 2013. UNWTO Tourism Highlights, 2014.
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Areas in which graduates of the Glion and Les Roches Universities of Hospitality work

The hospitality industry provides excellent employment opportunities. Already during their studies at Glion and Les Roches Universities, students undergo a mandatory internship to acquire the necessary skills and professional recommendations.

What fields do graduates of Glion and Les Roches universities work in:

  • Hotel management and strategy, leadership
  • Restaurant management and ownership
  • Culinary Arts
  • Revenue management
  • Public Relations
  • Human Resources
  • Sales
  • Sustainable Management
  • Investment and private banking
  • Luxury brand management

Glion Institute of Higher Education (Campuses in Switzerland, Great Britain) and Les Roches Global Hospitality Education (campuses in Spain, Switzerland, China, and the USA) are leaders in the hospitality business, hotel, and restaurant management, event management.

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Glion Institute of Higher Education 


# 5-The best hospitality schools in the world (overall rating)

# 5-Academic reputation of the university

# 1-The University’s reputation among employers

Les Roches Global Hospitality Education 


# 6-The best hospitality schools in the world (overall rating)

# 7-Academic reputation of the university

# 3-The University’s reputation among employers

Three important reasons why you should choose to study in the hospitality industry at Glion and Les Roches Universities

  • International environment
  • Students of Glion and Les Roches universities have the opportunity to study at several university campuses, and thus gain international experience of studying, living, and working in different countries. Knowledge of the international environment, the ability to adapt to different cultures, the ability to communicate with clients of different cultures are important skills that contribute to professional growth.
  • A unique model of education

The Universities of hospitality Glion and Les Roches have taken the Swiss experimental training as a basis. This method of teaching balances theory and practical classes on campus, and practice off-campus. Each campus of Glion and Les Roches universities has its approach to training and its specifics, but the program fully meets the high standards of training specialists in the field of hospitality.