CBD Oil: Benefits and How to Use It!

CBD oil (cannabidiol) is a trendy product extracted from hemp flowers. Can it help sleep or to calm stress? Does it have pain-relieving effects? How is it produced? Discovery and instructions with a specialist pharmacist.

A natural molecule extracted from hemp, cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is marketed in our country in the form of oil. Anti-stress, anti-pain, to improve sleep… So what’s hiding in this trendy oil that we find more and more on the shelves of pharmacies? Is there any risk of addiction? What are the contraindications?

Today, our experts are telling you more about CBD benefits and how to use it .. and if you want to order your CBD, you will find the best CBD oil online on Justbob – the leading European CBD brand now bringing high-quality CBD to the US!


What is CBD oil?

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CBD oil is an oil infused with cannabidiol.

You can use any vegetable oil such as coconut oil with a neutral taste or olive oil.

Why use oil?

Because CBD is lipophilic, meaning it mixes with the oil and not with the water. The oil here acts as a carrier. Therefore, the percentage of CBD can vary from one CBD oil to another.

What plant is it extracted from?

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The cannabidiol in CBD oil is extracted from the hemp plant, which belongs to the botanical genus “cannabis”. This hemp variety contains less than 0.2% THC and is legal in the US.

You have to distinguish cannabis or “marijuana” plants from hemp plants. It’s not the same plant, insists the pharmacist. It’s a bit like tomatoes. You have cherry tomatoes and “beef heart tomatoes”, which come from two different plants that belong to the tomato family. CBD is extracted from the upper parts of the plant.

We can choose to put this extract in oil, a candy…

What are cannabidiol’s effects?

CBD has two effects: soothing the nervous system. It calms, fights against stress and has a second anti-inflammatory effect. It can thus be used in case of pain.

As a reminder, according to the decree validated by the European Commission in July 2024, products containing CBD cannot, under penalty of criminal sanctions, claim therapeutic claims, unless they have been authorized as medicinal products by the National Agency for the Safety of Medicines and Health Products (ANSM) or the National Agency for Veterinary Medicines (ANMV) or by the European Commission, based on a marketing authorization application file, assessed according to scientific quality, safety and efficacy criteria.

How does CBD work on our body?

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All mammals have an endocannabinoid system (ECS). It is a physiological communication system within our body. It can be defined simply as “pro-homeostasis”, that will act in such a way as to maintain our body’s balance (homeostasis).

The ECS controls the pituitary gland, hypothalamus, pineal gland, thyroid gland, parathyroid glands, thymus, pancreas, adrenal glands, kidneys, and ovaries/testicles.

CBD also restores the balance of cellular activity.

Focus on CBD oil and how to consume it

CBD oil should be administered sublingually (under the tongue – over the sublingual glands). This is because the passage in the body is faster (between 5 and 20 minutes, depending on the person).

Therefore, the product must be left “to act” for a minimum of 60 seconds before swallowing it, thus allowing the active compounds of CBD to be absorbed by the oral mucous membranes and to reach the bloodstream and interact with the endocannabinoid system much more quickly and more effectively than the traditional oral route.

This mode of administration has the advantage of being precise and effective.

Composition of CBD oils

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CBD oils are composed of:

  • vegetable oil to dilute the CBD, which is fat-soluble. This oil provides many essential fatty acids and can modify the final taste of the product. (hemp, argan, olive, camelina, linseed, salmon, coconut oils, etc.)
  • of an isolated or complete phytocannabinoid extract.
  • optional: an aroma.

How to use CBD oil?

You can take CBD oil to reduce stress, anxiety or sleep better. It absorbs very well in the oral mucosa. Concretely, you use the pipette to suck up the quantity of oil, and you put it under the tongue. So it’s more effective and quicker to act.

The dose depends on the person. We are not all receptive in the same way. It is advisable to respect the dosage indicated on the packaging. There are pure 100% CBD formulas combined with other plants.

Can you find it in pharmacies without a prescription?

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CBD oil is available in pharmacies and some supermarkets over the counter without a prescription.

What are the contraindications?

“CBD oil is not recommended for people under 18, pregnant and breastfeeding women. Before testing, you should seek the advice of your doctor or pharmacist. It is a natural molecule but has real effects” emphasizes the pharmacist.

Containing less than 0.2% THC, CBD sold in the US cannot cause addiction and is not considered a drug.

Benefits of CBD oil

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CBD oil can help you in Pain Management

In general, as you already know CBD oil products are incredibly effective for many reasons. However, people commonly use it to treat their pain. In our body, there is a special endocannabinoid system that is specialized for regulating sleep, appetite, immune response as well as a pain response.

Naturally produced endocannabinoids are actually the neurotransmitters that are connecting to the cannabinoid receptors in our body’s nervous system. CBD oil has the ability to reduce pain by affecting those receptors.

CBD oil is beneficial for our Brain’s Health

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Unfortunately, more and more people are diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease in recent years. However, many studies show that CBD oil can actually help people by reducing the symptoms of this disease. Primarily, CBD oil since it is good for brain health can prevent the occurrence of this disease. Additionally, it can also help the brain with dementia by preventing free radical damage and by reducing inflammation. In that way, cells in our brains are protected and it is also possible that they can generate new ones.

People that have seizures can also take advantage of CBD oil. All patients that are suffering from multiple sclerosis or epilepsy can consume CBD oil and in that way reduce the symptoms of these diseases. How it is possible that CBD oil can be so powerful to manage health conditions of this kind? Well, CBD oil is so strong antioxidant, in fact, stronger than any other that exists, and with additional anti-inflammatory as well as neuroprotective features, it really can be used to promote brain health.

CBD can help with Heart Health and Blood Pressure

Many studies are showing that CBD oil is an incredibly effective and natural medicine that can treat different heart conditions as well as lowering high blood pressure. By consuming CBD oil regularly people can actually prevent strokes. Since CBD oil can reduce anxiety and stress levels thanks to the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties in our organism it can regulate all conditions regarding our heart health.

CBD oil is natural support for Cancer Patients

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One of the most common reasons why people are consuming CBD oil is because it can help in reducing all symptoms of cancer and chemotherapy. It is unbelievable how CBD oil can affect and reduce all side effects of chemo that patients are suffering from. They finally can reveal the pain, nausea, and uncomfortable feeling. Best of all CBD oil can fight cancer cells.

CBD oil can help with a sleep disorders, anxiety, and depression

CBD oil was commonly used for treating anxiety and depression in a natural way. Additionally, this oil can even help people with insomnia and PTSD. They can finally find inner peace, and feel relaxed and comfortable in their skin. Further, they can have a peaceful and healthy night’s sleep and improve their overall physical and mental health.

CBD has the ability to affect on brain’s receptors for serotonin, which helps us to regulate our mood and helps us feel happier. CBD oil has a similar effect as antidepressants, however, the only difference is that is it natural. One more thing that you should know is that CBD oil does not make you feel high, it just relaxes you and it is very safe.