Are Bingo Games Popular Amongst Older People Only?


Everybody knows the typical stereotype that surrounds bingo gamers. Nobody likes to say it, but there is the stigma that only older people are allowed to play bingo. Perhaps the poker players stick their noses up at them because there is not enough money in it, blackjack punters look down on them because there is little skill involved, but, bingo players know how much fun the game is and nothing can deter them!

We are here to uncover a few stereotypes that should not exist around bingo players because we believe that the game is loads of fun for anybody over eighteen and does not need to just be played by the older generation – visit

If you are a younger player and want to get involved with bingo, then you should not face any backlash from your peers because the game is great fun for anyone!


Why is bingo deemed a game popular only amongst older people?


It seems strange because young people like clubs, enjoy putting their stakes up, love to have a laugh, and want to win just as much as the older generations. So, why is it that bingo is deemed to only be popular amongst older people?

  • The classic gambling lottery game, bingo, has been around for a very long time. It only relies on a few rules and so its simplicity could be a factor that deters young people and encourages only the older players to enjoy it.
  • It is a well-known fact that younger gamblers would like to put high stakes for high rewards, and the volatility rate of bingo is pretty low. The games are long, and the wins are not as rewarding. This makes the game more of a sociable one because players are sat in groups for long periods of time.
  • Older people might enjoy the slower pace of bingo a little more because it does not require much physical and mental expulsion (except, of course, when you get to yell ‘bingo!’)
  • Bingo, an experience, is much longer and arduous than fast past gambling games such as slot machines or roulette. This low octane game could contribute to it being more popular amongst older people!

Why we think that bingo should be for everyone


You might be looking at the reasons to which bingo attracts older people and thinking that they are vaguely trivial and are not important… and we would agree with you!

We love bingo and think that it is a fantastic game that should not just be popular with the older generation, that is why we have a comprehensive and convincing guide on why we think everyone should be playing bingo. The game is one of the oldest lottery games there is and it would be a shame to lose the ritual with just older people. Going to a bingo hall is a great opportunity to make friends because the game is long-winded and drawn out slightly, be sure to find out more. Despite the rewards not being as big as other games, there are still some hefty prizes to be won!