Best Apps to Save More Easily on Daily Expenses


Keeping in account the current spike in inflation, it is not only recommended but has become a necessity to save maximum.

The numbers are quite stressful with general inflation at 8.5% in the middle of 2024. When we break it down: the food prices have bumped up to 10.9% and the fuel cost? It has increased by a whopping 44% causing an increase in sales of EVs and other hybrid vehicles. But we are here to talk about saving money.

The run-of-the-mill tips are to cut expenses and add the savings into high-yielding savings accounts. But seeing the uprising graph of inflation, these orthodox methods might not be sufficient. You need the help of tech to make yourself effective enough to survive this wave of inflation.

That’s exactly what we’ve brought for today: the best mobile apps to help you save more on your daily expenses. We have tested a whole lot and hand-picked the best one for you. So, without further ado, let’s dive right into them.




What’s better than getting cashback for shopping for your day-to-day groceries, or just shopping from your favorite brands?

Ibotta claims to offer cashback rewards on 2700 retailers and brands ranging from grocery shops to electronics. We have personally tested it out and the app is a great money saver at these times of high inflation.

Ibotta has claimed to give out a whopping $1.2 billion in cashback rewards to its 40 million+ users since 2012 when it came out for the first time.

The app company offers special-themed discounts on high-in-demand products on yearly events like the spooky season, the holiday season, and more. So, keep a check on them to maximize your savings.



Next up in line, we have BeFrugal. One of the easiest choices for money-saving mobile apps. And why?

The user-friendly UI of the app allows users to easily understand the features and the features it offers are great. After you have installed the app, it automatically collects the coupons and applies them at the checkout. Not just that, it offers cashback rewards on 5000+ retailers across the US.

One of the best things about this app is that it is automatic. You just have to shop on your favorite brands and it will automatically apply the coupons and get you cashback if available.

Having said that, all of these apps that we are listing need a dependable internet connection to work effectively. On such an account, we have been using Windstream Internet to test these apps. It is one of the most reliable ISPs in the US.

Circling back to the app, it can be installed as a plug-in on your browser. So, you are good to go no matter what device you prefer to shop.

Checkout 51


Food and gasoline generally hold the most weightage for your expenses. Guess what!? Checkout 51 offers back cash on every purchase of groceries and gas made through the very app.

The process is simple to follow:

  • First things first, download the app from your app store
  • Check for offers every Thursday
  • Tap ‘Redeem’ and then mark the things in your list
  • Once you are done purchasing, upload the shopping receipt
  • Last but the best: collect your rewards

The rewards are in money and you can cash them out once you have achieved the $20 mark.

With the high cost of groceries and fuel, Checkout 51 can be a great saving partner lowering the expenses on the most weighted stuff in your budget.



Upside is another great app for saving money on gas. The current prices are the highest since 1980. 44% increase in gas prices has made everyone revise their budget. While you are sailing the same boat, let’s minimize your cost here.

Upside is an app that will connect with the card you use to pay for gas and then depending upon the amount you have spent to fuel up, you will get cashback that can go up to $203 annually. The tricky part here would be to find a station nearby that has partnered up with the app.

The money you have accumulated as cashback can be used to refuel at the partner gas station. Also, Upside claims to have spent 1% of its revenue on solving sustainability issues. You can play your part too while saving more through Upside.

Summing Up

This rise in inflation has made these money-saving apps/tools a must-have on your phone. There’s a sea of apps but we have hand-picked the best of the bunch. So, save more and fight the inflation.

Pro tip: All of these apps offer a trial period in which you can use the premium features. So, try them all out, check which one works the best for you, and subscribe for its premium version.