The Best Apps That Will Make Your Life Easier – Guide 2024


We live in a fast and dynamic world, but we have a great advantage that our ancestors did not have. We have tech gadgets and devices which make our lives easier. Indeed, in the past, cell phones were used only for calls and messages – for anything additional, we had to rely on traditional ways of remembering things. This also meant that sometimes life was really chaotic, wanting to achieve and remember so many things during the day.

Mobile devices allow us to be constantly connected to the internet and to be able to get every information and service with just one click. Of course, there are too many applications available, and the phones are limited in capacity. Therefore, we should choose the few that are the most useful considering our needs. Sometimes that means we may need to buy an app – but look at it as an investment in your productivity.

The purpose of this article is to help you find all the applications that would help you:

• To organize your day better

• Find functionalities that make your life easier

• Exercise regularly and take care of yourself

• To learn new things and attend online courses

• Be available for communication

• To better navigate in new surroundings

• Do not let challenges stop you from achieving what you want

This means there are applications available that help you monitor your progress, but also those that are intended only for relaxation and filling of free time.

Of course, regardless of the nature of the application, it is sometimes good to think about protecting your mobile device. But do not worry, because we have prepared a list of recommended applications (some of which you may already know and use), which will make your life much easier.


1. Wanderlust


The perfect solution for a to-do list and avoiding your personal chaos. You can add important notes, and access them through all the synced devices. Organize your day, set reminders, and meet all the deadlines, all the time. Download this app and you will enjoy a simple and organized life.

2. A VPN

VPN, or virtual private networks, create a virtual tunnel that hides your online activity and protects you while you’re online. Everyone should be able to enjoy mobile security and feel protected while using public WiFi connections. If you’re considering a mobile VPN, an app by ExpressVPN is a great option because it allows you to access limited content online, while protecting you from potential risks and attacks. It’s available for both Android and iOS users, and additionally, it can be used on Windows, Mac, Linux, routers, consoles, and smart TV devices.

3. Google Translate


Let’s be honest, we all need this. And we can say that Google has done the job perfectly. It wasn’t long ago when it was providing funny results, full of mistakes, but now, Google Translate can be used every day. There can still be mistakes, but putting a word in context can fix them all.

4. Calm

We all need it, even those who think they don’t need an app like this. It’s dedicated to mediation, mindfulness, guided relaxing, and many other benefits. It features background calming sounds, like sea waves, wind, lakes, and nature sounds, and it can help the users get calm and relaxed every day after they set themselves comfortably at home.

5. MyFitnessPal


This app is perfect for those who want to keep track of their overall fitness activity. It counts the steps taken during the day, calculates the average calorie intake for your body proportion, and helps you to set and accomplish goals. You can also find useful articles related to fitness and nutrition. In general, this is a pretty useful app for people who are active or want to improve their fitness condition.

Our favorite feature is the food database, and automated calorie count.

6. Trello

Trello is another useful to-do app, but you can make the lists sharable. It’s good for assigning tasks, and you can use it privately with your family, or professionally with the people you work with. Every task is assigned by a so-called card, so there is no chance to miss something.

7. Word Lens


Word Lens is something every traveler needs. It’s very useful for those who travel abroad, but still don’t speak a lot of languages. You can use your camera to scan the written text and get a pretty accurate translation. It’s great for signs, documents, restaurant menus, and much more.

8. Monefy

A perfect app for people who want to improve their overall financial situation. It has a lot of tools and tracking options, and you can insert into it every expense you have. Or, we can say that this app is the answer to the question “Where is my money going?” a few days after you get paid. Keep a track of all your bills, food expenses, restaurant visits, gas prices, and even the money you spend on small and not-so-important things.

9. Collect


Collect all your files across the devices you use. It’s a great solution for those who have phones with less memory. You can get sharable links, and easily send the files to those who need them. Or you can get access from your computer, and download them easily. It’s a part of the WeTransfer concept, but with advanced, and yet simplified options.

To wrap the whole thing up

To conclude, we will once again say that it’s pretty normal to have apps to ease your daily tasks and activities. Sometimes life can be too messy to handle, and we need some additional help to go through all of that. There will always be some people who disagree with this concept of reminders and app-controlled life, but those who use them know how efficient they can be.

Again, try to focus on the important apps only, without overwhelming your devices with unnecessary games, puzzles, and other apps that ruin your productivity and confidence. Of course, the limits are everything, so maybe you can consider downloading an app that will control your phone usage. Interesting idea, right?