Ao Haru Ride Season 2: Release Date Announced


Blue Springs Ride, aka Ao Haru Ride, is a Japanese series that is a popular romantic comedy genre. The anime became a hit soon after they released in 2014. It was also named the best sojo series of the year. The series gained a special place in the hearts of teens. Agree or not, we all were attached to how Futaba grows.

The romantic drama’s first season was first released and bagged an IMDB rating of 7.5/10. Io Sakisaka wrote the series. She is famous for her contribution to various manga series, such as “Furor”. They have adapted the series into numerous languages because of the admiration people showed.

The series undoubtedly received a ton of praise from all over the world which forced the makers to dub the anime in numerous languages. Due to the outbound sensation of the anime, we are expecting a season 2.


Ao Haru Ride: The second season

They released the first season of Ao Haru Ride-on 8th July 2014. It ran for 12 episodes. After eight years of the series, still no update from the makers concerning the new chapter. From the looks, it may seem that we have to hang out longer for the second season. Let us look at the details we have on season 2. 

The fans have been continuously asking about the whereabouts of the second season. The reception of craze from the first season always keeps our hopes high. When we look at the probability of the second season, there is no excuse for the makers to stop only 1 season. It is a successful manga that elevates the chances for season 2. Many anime sequels restore after they have tested the persistence of the fans enough. So, there might be hope after all.

When to expect?

Almost after eight years, if we have to assume the out of Ao Haru Ride season 2, the probability will be 1-2 years. The makers wouldn’t make the fans stand by so it doesn’t fade the season 1 excitement. So we can expect the season year either in 2024 or 24. Although the official announcement for the same is not out yet, we may expect it very soon.

The expected cast of AO Haru Ride Season 2 


Season 1 showed exceptional voice artists who have high possibilities to occur again in season 2. The artist includes

  • Fatima Yoshika’s voice by Maaya Uchida
  • Kou Mabuchi’s voice by Yuki Kaji
  • Yoichi tanaka voice by Daisuke hirakawa
  • Yuri Makita’s voice by Ai Kayano
  • Toma Kikuchi’s voice by Yoshitsugu Matsuoka

Each character had its charm. We could not stop having our favorites other than the protagonists. The behavioral traits of the figures were well thought out and beautifully pictured.

Although there is nothing new for the casts of season 2, we can always expect the same voice artists. We well praised them for their performances. The main characters remain the same. There may be additions to enhance the fantastic storyline.

Ao Haru Ride First Season Recap


The story of the series revolves around our protagonist Futaba Yoshioka. She is a 17years student who attends high school. She lacks sociable skills and always considers herself inferior. Although she is a famous schoolgirl, she cannot associate with her schoolmates. She is the love interest of several boys but makes no connection with her girl classmates. 

She struggles to fit in according to the expectations of others and takes an interest in various curricular tasks in the school as an ordinary schoolgirl, but cannot change her nature. To create harmony with the female population of the class, she demeans the boys who show their interest in her. 

At a certain point, she turns over with all her attempts, admitting them to be fatal. After she gives up all her endeavors to change, two events occur that change the lives of our protagonist. The narrative welcomes the entry of Kou Tanaka, who is their love interest in Futaba. They share the same emotion. She reunites with him after he suddenly shifts to another place after his family issues. 

Futaba feels overjoyed as she reunites with her lost love. She thinks she can finally live life with Kou as she had before. But soon after meeting him, her imaginations ravages. She realizes that he is not the same person whom she knew. He stood as a completely different person. From being kind and joyful, he turned into being cold-hearted and with no compassion for others. 

The second entry captures a girl who is strong yet similar to our protagonist. Yuri Makita is also an outcast and a former classmate of Futaba. She was also leading the life of an outcast. She has a no-care attitude, making her stand on her own. The two shortly become friends and start to stay together. At first, they used to be together as they had none, but soon they started connecting and became good friends. 

As the story proceeds, Kou and Futaba spend time together as they are the class reps. Yuri also accompanies them as she also holds the title of event delegate. Further by Shuko and Aya Kominato. All five of them socialize and take place in further ventures in the school.

The Bottom Line

With such an intriguing storyline, the admirers are hoping for a story where all five characters are out of school and in the real world. We would like to see how the characters deal with their everyday affairs. With the romantic manga left in between the tale of Kou and Futaba, there will be a second chapter that completes their story. 

The fans could connect to the story, which made it a hit. We were very engrossed in witnessing how the outcast and unsocial Futaba carries her life. Furthermore, we are waiting to see how she grows in her life outside high school. With this surety, we await the Second chapter of Ao Haru Ride, which feeds off our curiosity completely.