What You Need To Know About The Online Casino Wager

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The wager can be found on the sites of online casinos. It is directly related to the bonuses that can be obtained in virtual establishments. It means the number of bets that should be made to have the opportunity to withdraw bonus funds from the gaming account or continue to play.


What Is a Wager and Where Did It Come From

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Nowadays, it is becoming easier for gambling fans to satisfy their desire to gamble. They have at their disposal the usual casinos, slot machine halls and also numerous virtual platforms where they can even try here demo mode. Online casinos are interested in players coming and staying. Therefore, they need to create certain conditions. This is the reason for the variety of welcome bonuses that are offered to all registered players.

The most common bonuses are:

  • Welcome bonus. Upon registration, players receive a certain amount of money for their deposit. It is with this type of bonus that the appearance of the wager is connected.
  • Percentage bonuses for the first deposit of the game account.
  • Free spins. Since they can only be spent in the casino that donated them, there are no issues with them.
  • Various promotions and events, for participation in which you can receive free spins, money, or other rewards.

There was one controversial point with welcome bonuses at the beginning of the development of online casinos. Among the players, there were people more interested not to play in the casino, but simply to pick up the bonus and withdraw it into real money. Administrations of gambling platforms did not like this approach because this was a real loss for the sites. Then restrictive measures were taken and wagers appeared.

AS suggested by GClubCasino, the essence of any wager is that the player needs to fulfill certain conditions to be able to fully manage the bonus funds.

What Conditions Are There for a Wager?

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In each online casino, the terms and conditions are set by the administration. The main condition for wagering is usually the need to make a certain amount of bets. This amount is calculated quite simply:

Wagering bet size = bonus amount x wagering odds.

For example, a player is credited $300 with x30 wager. To withdraw money, you will need to wager the bonus thirty times, to put a total of $300 x 30 = $9,000. In most cases, the x40 coefficient is encountered.

Often a gambling establishment sets additional wagering conditions:

  • limiting the size of the bet;
  • setting a certain time for which the bonus must be wagered;
  • restriction in games.

How to Play a Wager

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First of all, you need to carefully study all the conditions and restrictions of the wager in the particular online casino. It is worth remembering that in case of any violation, the bonus money is irrevocably burned out, so it is better to be careful and not rush. However, some conditions, for example, a time limit, will not allow you to think too long about this issue.

Therefore, experts recommend doing the following:

  • before depositing at a new online casino, carefully study all the terms and conditions regarding bonuses and wagering;
  • think in advance in what way the wager will be won back – on which slot, with what rate, and so on;
  • make a deposit;
  • play the wager according to the chosen strategy;
  • play in the casino calmly and do not worry about the bonus.

Such a careful tactic will save your time, distribute your money wisely and not spoil your enjoyment of the game.
From the point of view of mathematics, one of the classic slots, which are in abundance in any modern online casino, is best suited for playing the wager. The selected slot must have a Return To Player indicator (theoretical percentage of return) of at least 97%. Then, when wagering, you get the following numbers:

  • after each round, the bet amount of the bonus (approximately 97%) will remain on the hands;
  • after 40 laps, the player will still be in positive territory, and the wagering requirements will be met.

When planning actions for playing a wager, you need to take into account the fact that bonus funds usually begin to be spent only when the deposit ends. Therefore, monitoring the balance of funds is important when playing for a deposit, not allowing the balance to go below zero.

What Are the Best Bets When Wagering?

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If you follow the tactics described above, then the size of bets should be chosen as minimal or close to that. This will make it possible to play a large number of spins, and this is an indispensable condition for the RTP of the selected slot machine to be as close as possible to the declared values ​​(97% and higher).

Such a game system will take more time, but the chances of success will increase rapidly. Big bets are risky, using them, you can quickly lose all the bonus capital and there will be nothing to win back. However, in this case, the problem with wagering will disappear by itself.

Is it Possible to Avoid Playing the Wager?

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Any bonuses in virtual casinos are offered by the administration. In any case, they cannot oblige the gambler to anything, and it is up to everyone to win back the wager or not. Most often, people prefer not to wager a casino bonus if:

  • there is no desire to waste time on this operation, the player just wants to enjoy the excitement, and not get engaged in long calculations and repetitions of the same actions;
  • bonus money is not of particular interest to change their usual behavior because of such amounts;
  • after analyzing the conditions of the wager, the player realizes that wagering is either unrealistic or will not bring income.

Thus, bonuses with a wager evoke ambiguous feelings among gamblers. On the one hand, their value in terms of funds is pleasing to the eye of every gambling person. On the other hand, sometimes the conditions for wagering are too complicated. The temptation is great, but in practice, the result is the opposite. Therefore, many people prefer to simply ignore the bonus money that will disappear by themselves after the agreed period.